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Noro Crochet: 24.95

This is the newest in this series....the last one, Noro Accessories has been a huge hit and even the first one (shown below) still is a strong seller! This book features several fun hats, wristwarmers, the fabulous skirt shown here, some neat sweaters, shawls, scarves, etc!

But Noro Crochet now...


Knit Noro Accessories Price: $24.95


Knit Noro Price: 24.95 In addition to the projects listed below (Scroll down for photos below for a couple of my favorite patterns from the book), there are several hats, several vests, a tunic, a hooded vest, socks, a swing sweater, a faux fair isle cardigan knit using 2 colors of sock yarn, an entrelac scarf, a cowl, a couple of other scarves....the list goes on ...

This Patchwork Afghan shown first is knit using 11 balls of Taiyo. Purchase 11 balls of a color here and I'll send the book for FREE. This is a soft cotton blend yarn and its all garter stitch at 4.5sts/inch.

Many of you will recognize this swirl stitch pattern from the merino Swirl Shalw kits I sell, but here it is used for a baby afghan. Knit in Taiyo, but only takes 6 balls, so will be a smaller undertaking than the afghan above!

This pattern, knit using 3 balls of Kureyon (tho' you could certainly substitute Silk Garden) is a variation of the Jarod Flood design alternating 2 colors of Silk Garden (his is stripes whereas this one features a chevron stitch).

The gloves here are knit using 1 sk each of 2 different colors of Silk Garden sock yarn. I may pack this project for the plane ride to Sweden next week. This hat used 2 sks of Kureyon and features earflaps and a tie.

Knit Noro book: $24.95




Estonian Lace by Nancy Bush $24.95

Just when I thought I'd never need another lace shawl book (I'll never even get thru all the great patterns I already have in Victorian Lace and Gossamer Webs-scroll down to find both these books!) along comes this lovely book. Traditional techniques, patterns and traditions from Estonia featuring some really beautiful shawls and written by Nancy Bush, who always does a nice job with her books.


Estonian Mittens - This comprehensive book of Estonian mitten patterns is written in Estonian but with the facing page in English translation. Price: $40

Folk Knitting in Estonia - 24.95

This lovely book, like others in the "Folk" series, covers lots of the history and traditions of Estonian knitting and includes many fun patterns for a variety of garments and accessories, like the pattern above.

Mini Knits Books - Each little mini-knits book is chock full of great little knitting projecsts ranging from hats to wristlets, bags to vests to little cardis....includes some men's knit projects....Very popular little books. Regularly $18 each......somehow I got a double shipment of each so for now they are just $15 each.


Lavold book 22 Elsebeth Lavold Book 22....the newest Elsebeth Lavold book for this spring just arrived. It features some sweet little sweaters/tops with lovely little details at the neck line. Perfect gauges for Hempathy, Silky Wool, or Bambwool (which should be arriving soon!)

Price: $18



haiku knitsHaiku Knits - This elegant book features simple knits inspired by the Japanese design aesthetic. Price: $30


custom knitsCustom Knits by Wendy Bernard Price:27.50

A great array of sweaters, all knit from the top down, but not just raglan! Summer tops (there's a great one for Silky Wool that I'm dyeing to knit) to winter pullovers, retro styles to contemporary!


Knitted Gifts by Ann Budd Price: $21.95

This compilation of charming, easy and small projects is the perfect book to get if you're planning on knitting some holiday gifts this year! Projects for all ages.


think outside the sox Think Outside the Sox Price: $24.95

This book is hot off the press and features 60 great designs that were submitted to XRX for a contest. Lots of fun!




design book Knitwear Design Workshop $40.00

This latest book by Shirley Paden covers designing for knitwear pretty comprehensively. Lots of schematics and help with the math...covering different shaping techniques, different necklines, arm holes, and styles. Hard with internal spiral binding.


Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin $21.95

Featuring generally small projects (20+ accessories) with a vintage feel to them.


Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (unless you've got the ring) by Judith Durant Price: $19.95

Fun and classic patterns.

Men in Knits by Tara Jon Maning Price: $28.95

Classic pullovers, cables, cardigans, and vest.

Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men Price: $34.95

Conservative classics.

Knitting Little Luxuries

A book filled with fun and elegant accessories great for gifts or treating yourself. Price: $21.95


Felt Forward by Maggie Pace

Full of a multitude of knitted projects to felt including sweaters, hats, boots, jewelry, and coasters! Price: $21.95


Lace Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd

From hats and gloves to sweaters and leg warmers, this books has a range of lacy projects for any purpose. Price: $24.95


Bag Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd

20 varied fabulous bags! You are sure to find a perfect fit for any personality. Price: $21.95


One Skein Wonders $18.95

Over 100 simple projects that use just one skein....perfect for all those holiday gifts you still want to do!

Victorian Lace $29.95

This beautiful hard cover book has many great lace shawl and scarf patterns in it (see above for a couple of examples) plus very clear instructions and graphs to work from. Some traditional and many unique. The quintessential lace knitting book. Buy a great skein of Merino-Silk or Suri Alpaca to go along with the book.


Best of Arans & Celtics

A compilation of great aran patterns that have been in Knitter's magazine over the years. Price: $19.95

modern classicsModern Classics by Lousia Harding

Lots and lots of great classic patterns. A beautiful book whose patterns are timeless. Price: $31.95

No Pattern Knits

Learn to create all kinds of garments from simple geometric shapes without a pattern. Price: $23.99

Knit Fix

This new reference guide is packed with great information about knitting technique and troubleshooting. Price: $19.95

200 Ripple Stitches

Feather & Fan, Sea shell, etc. all these variations of stitches in both knit and crochet that make a fabric wave or ripple. Great for scarves and designing afghans. Price: $24.95

Best of Knitter's Jackets

Taken from several years worth of jacket patterns printed in XRX's "Knitters" magazine, this book compiles the best. Lots of gauges and styles to choose from. Price: 19.95

Color: Book 3 by Sally Melville

This book on knitting with colors is inspirational for beginner and advanced knitter alike. Same great format as Sally's first two books, The Knit Stitch and The Purl Stitch (see above). From stripes to fair isle, mitered squares to intarsia, slip stitching and argyles! Lots of great patterns too...from great sweaters to skirts and lots of accessories, an afghan, tea cozy, etc. There is something for everyone. Price: $24.95


Scarf Style 21.95


Men in Knits

Some 20 great traditional patterns for men and boys... and ones which he will wear! The author spends some time up front discussing how to discern his personal style and fit so that all your effort is rewarded by his love of wearing it. From simple to more challenging patterns, this book offers vest (both pullover and front button), glove, and sweater patterns from rugged to refined. Price: $28.95


Folk Shawls Price: $21.95

Great shawls in a wide range of styles...from lacy to dense and triangular to rectangular...for beginner to advanced knitter.

Folk Socks Price: $18.95

If you're only going to get 1 sock book, make it this one. Great history and tradition, but more practically speaking, directions for several different toe and heel constructions. Plus, everything from a basic sock pattern to more complex ethnic traditions.

Folk Mittens Price: $18.95

Lots of great patterns, plus the history and tradition behind the designs which make the entire "Folk" series of books so interesting.