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Books on Weaving

The Books section of the site is being re-visited. Check back later. Ideas in Rigid Heddle Weaving is back in reprint and will be available at the store again in the future.


Learning to Weave Price: $24.95

An excellent book for all the basics in weaving. Easy to understand and great visuals. Great supporting text for an introductory weaving class, yet clear enough that if you had to learn this on your own, you could. From plain weave through twills, onto lace weaves and double weave techniques, this is quite comprehensive for the beginning weaver.


Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving Price: $16.95

From planning a project to dressing the loom and basic weaving techniques this book covers all the basics you'll need to get started weaving. Projects included to practice different techniques. Pair this with a rigid heddle loom and you're off and running to some great weaving.