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as of July 22nd....this page is a WIP - more classes and more details on some of the classes listed below, to come by mid August.

We make go-no go decisions about classes AT LEAST 1 week in advance of the class date (sometimes 2-3 weeks in advance if the instructor is coming from far away), so if you really want to take a workshop, don't wait until the last minute to sign up or the class may get cancelled or may fill up.

To register for any of these classes, you need to print the registration form and mail it in with a check or your VISfA/MC info for the amount of the instruction fee only. Materials fees will be collected at the time of class.

You may sign up at the store as well, but no sign up is taken over the phone as we require the filled out registration form.


If you have a group of 4 or more who are interested in a particular topic, we can schedule a class around your group.

Be sure to check out our Events page for other interesting gatherings we may plan

5/12......As usual, we don't plan much for the summer since we're all out biking, hiking and gardening! But we've got several new workshops in various planning stages so can't announce them yet, but I'm excited about both the new felting and knitting workshops coming this fall and next year! Look for a knitting class exploring a very old and traditional technique with a visiting instructor, a seamless nuno class with Linda Veilleiux, as well as others in the works!


The Felt Vessel: Enhancing Surface & Form with Carol Ingram-

just 2 spots open

Saturday, Aug 23rd: 9:30 - 4:30 AND

Sunday Aug 24th: 10 - 4

(This is 2 day class, but because the times are different I wanted to be sure it was clear that class starts earlier on Saturday...hence the 2 separate lines)

Vessels or hollow forms can be created several ways, depending on the desired result. Students can either bring in a sketch of a desired form or work with a basic round shape that will transform itself thru individual experimentation. Discussion of felting over a round form (inflatable ball) or flat resist will aid in deciding which method is most effective for the desired end result. Emphasis will be on surface decoration and creating a pleasing shape using sculptural, sewing and painting techniques. Color use and design, both inside and out, will also be covered. Instruction fee:

More specific supplies list will be provided to registrants closer to the class date....but Carol estimates that you might expect to use about 8 ounces of wool. We will have the breeds of sheep's wool she prefers to use available for sale at the usual class discount the day of class. Carol will collect $6 from each participant for the wire she uses and some other miscellaneous items (stiffening agent, etc).

This class requires some basic experience in traditional wet felting techniques. Fee for 2 day workshop: $275

Online Felt Workshops

None of these are running now, but stay tuned for the next round.



Felting Workshops with Andrea Noeski-Porada!

I'm so excited to have Andrea Noeski-Porada coming from Germany this October to share her inspiring and exciting techniques for Felted Foldings (stole/scarf/wall hanging 3 day workshop) and Patterned Reconstructed Felts (2 days for a wall hanging, trivet or coasters) Sign up for both workshops below and enjoy more than a 20% discount on taking either alone.

Go ahead....indulge in a 5 day creative retreat for yourself! Cost for both classes $525.00

Healthy lunch and something chocolate/sweet included!

Patterned Reconstructed Felt Workshop (we're still working on the title!) with Andrea Noeske-Porada...Oct 11th & 12th (Sat & Sun) 10 -4

Inspired by Aboriginal designs, Andrea developed this unique technique for creating very intricate and detailed designs in thick wool. In this intensive 2 day workshop, you'll learn Andrea's technique for creating dimensional prefelts which will then be cut and reconstructed in a different way. You will start by making cords, stripes and dots and felting them into a bed of wool to create a "prefelt" that is about 1/2" thick (so not the type of loosely felted prefelts you might be used to!). Then these dimensional pieces will be cut in specific ways to expose the internal design elements which will then be rearranged into an original and unique design and felted AGAIN! into a flat piece (think 10 x 10 or 8 x 11 ish) which could become a wall hanging, trivet, coaster, etc.

Instruction fee:$275 (sign up for this class and the 3 day class described below and save on both!)

Fiber for class available at class discount at the store.

Felt Foldings Workshop. ... with Andrea Noeske-Porada

October 8th, 9th, 10th (Wed, Thurs, Fri) 10 - 5

Join Andrea for this 3 day workshop and learn this fabulous technique for origami-like folded felts! You'll start by folding some paper models to develop a plan, then work on several prefelt samples to learn her specific technique for the prefelt pieces. Then with this basic understanding and some hands on experience with her techniques under your belt, toward the end of the second day Andrea will guide each participant thru a project of their choice - wall hanging, stole? The last day and a half each participant will spend working thru their own project with Andrea's expert advice.

This workshop will be held at the Old Brick Church a block down from the store so everyone has lots of room and their own 8 ft table to work on.

Instruction fee: $400 (if you register for the full 5 days with Andrea the cost of each class is discounted - see above)

Fiber purchased for class at the store will receive a class discount.

Learn to Spin - Oct 14, 21, & 28 6:30 - 8:30

Learn all the fundamentals of spinning yarn on a wheel in this 3 week workshop and you'll never look at yarn the same way again!

You'll be hooked on both the meditative nature of this process (okay, so maybe not the first night!) and the exciting possibilities of designing and creating your own unique yarn to knit with! By the end of class you'll have a completed a 2 ply skein of yarn and have a much greater understanding of yarn and wool, so even if you don't pursue spinning further (tho' I'd estimate over the 17 years of teaching here that about 95% of those who take the beginning class, do!), you'll make better decisions about yarn for your knitting projects in the future!

You'll learn the difference between worsted and woolen spun yarn and the pros and cons of each. You'll be taught how (even if execution is still in need of practice) to make a thicker gauge yarn for a bulky sweater or a finer gauge laceweight for a shawl! And you'll know how to ply strands and achieve a balanced yarn. Plus you'll leave with a much greater understanding of the characteristics of wool and an appreciation of different breeds wool and how best to use that knowledge when choosing a pattern or a project to next knit! We'll start from scratch with raw wool, wash it, card it and then spin it.

Between the 2nd and 3rd weeks, you'll be taking a wheel home with you because you'll have some homework, so if you won't have time during the week between these two classes to do some spinning, you may want to wait for the next class and not register for this one.

Price includes the use of the wheel, all handouts and all the fiber you'll spin. $95

Norwegian Mittens

I first knit a pair of these back in 1983 when I was auditing a class as a UVM undergrad and gifted them to a college roomate.....she was still talking about them and wearing them 12 years ago when we got together for a dinner reunion!

Then, when I visited Norway 8 years ago, I fell in love with the pair pictured above which I bought from an antique shop outside Bergen. And since buying the book Handplagg a couple of years ago, I have been obsessed with knitting many more! So I've dyed some special Vermont Border Leicester yarn for them and have been working on several styles and look forward to be able to share with you some traditional techniques as well as my passion for these lovely "hand jewelries" this fall!



Intro to Wet Felting - Wed Nov 5, 12, & 19 6:30 - 8:30

details coming


Nuno Felt Scarf - Sat Oct 25th 10 - 5

details coming


Nuno Felted Seamless Tunic with Linda Veilleux - Sat & Sun Mar 14 & 15 2015

Join couture seamstress and felter extraordinaire for a weekend workshop in the spring to design and felt a seamless, sleeveless summer tank/tunic using hand dyed silk and merino wool!

In this class you will learn to take proper body measurements, make a resist and felt a garment that fits your body to a T. Linda will show you how to first make a sample and then, using silk and Merino wool, construct a Tunic without seams. You will go home with a one-of-a-kind lightweight wearable garment.

You can certainly find others teaching seamless garment construction, and some very accomplished felters among them, but what Linda brings to the table above and beyond the ability to clearly teach the seamless technique that I or any number of other felters could teach you, is that she is truly a professional seamstress who has studied with some of the big names in couture sewing so she really understands the body and garments and fit ...on top of felting! So if you have wanted to learn this technique in felting, Linda is the one to learn from!

Shown above are two examples completed by participants in one of Linda's previous workshops.

If you haven't done any felting before and are interested in taking this workshop, check out our Nuno Felt Scarf workshop (scroll up one) scheduled for the fall to learn all the basics you'll need to move onto a more challenging project like this seamless tunic.

Class limit: 6 Instruction fee: $250

A materials list will be sent to registrants, but from a general materials cost standpoint (much of this depends on the size you are making and how "lightweight" you make it!), figure you'll need 3-4 yards of silk (chiffon or paj, dyed or not) and anywhere from 4-12 ounces of fine merino wool, and felting soap.



Strickmuster: The Beautiful Twisted Stitch Patterns Of Austria with Candace Eisner-Strict Sat & Sun Nov 9 & 10 2014

Join knitwear designer and teacher Candace Eisner-Strict for 2 wonderful days exploring the traditional techniques and designs of Austria!

These gorgeous patterns wind and twist around each other in complicated and intricate designs, but actually are done using only two basic techniques without the use of a cable needle.

First you will sample some of the 174 charming patterns while learning how to read the charts. Once you are comfortable with working the charts, you’ll start a small project of either a hat (cowl?), mittens, socks/XMAS stocking, or hand warmers. Pictured above are examples of, reading left to right, the calf of a knee sock, a bag, a mitten and a XMAS stocking.

The teacher will collect a small materials fee (under $5) from each student at the time of class to cover handouts and consumables.

Students will need about 2 ounces of smooth textured, light colored wool yarn in worsted weight for sampling. Please note: yarns with nubs, slubs, fuzz, or thick and thin is not appropriate, nor will variegated yarns show the pattern well--some good brands are Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, Cascade 220-- and appropriately sized double pointed needles, about one dozen stitch markers, and Post It Notes or some kind of system for keeping your place on a chart (we have an excellent chart reader available at the store for $14). Having the correct yarn to learn with is very important! If you are comfortable to work in the round using 2 circulars or 1 long circular (magic loop method), you are welcome to bring those needles instead of dpns.

Depending on what project you choose, the following materials are recommended for your actual project: 2 skeins (100 gms) of Louet Gems Sport Weight Merino yarn for mittens, 1 skein for hat or hand warmers, 2 skeins Louet Gems Fingering Weight Merino for socks. Please bring an assortment of needle sizes for working in the round .

As always, students enjoy a class discount on materials purchased at the store for class. I stock 220, Lamb's Pride and both Gems sport and Fingering yarns.

Instruction fee for both days: $250.00

Needle Felted Fiber Ornaments

more details coming soon

Dye Lab

details to follow

Felt Rugs

details coming soon

Felters.......Save these Dates (and a couple more to come)

Marjolein Dallinga, will be here for a workshop Nov 13 - 15, 2015. Details of the class description and cost will be posted shortly. In the meantime, you can view her inspiring work at Bloomfelt.com

Yekaterina Mokeyeva will be here for several days in late April/May 2015....details being worked out but check out her exciting accessories at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FeuerUndWasser



Free Clinics: Knitting, Spinning & Weaving- these meet 6 p.m. - 7 p.m on the dates specified

These are free, but space is limited, they won't run unless I have at least 3 people registered .... AND..... they will be cancelled a week ahead of time if registration is not met.

Magic Loop (or, how to avoid using double pointed needles for a mitten, hats or sock!) Sept 18 Bring scrap yarn (enough to cast on about 48 sts and knit a few rows, and needles of appropriate size for yarn gauge

Seams & Seaming - Let's get those pieces put together and put together nicely.Oct 16 Bring your sweater pieces, a Chibi/wool needle and your yarn.

Planning a Weaving Project - For those new to weaving or who maybe haven't woven in a while and need a refresher, I'll review the ins and outs of planning a project (from loom limitations to consider to calculating the yardage required, to figuring stripes, options for winding the warp etc). Nov 20 Bring a calculator, pencil and paper....and of course, an idea of what you want to weave along with a sample of your yarn

Spin out of the Rut! - If you've been spinning for a bit and have gotten really good at 1 type of yarn but can't seem to vary it (want to make it thicker or thinner? want a thick and thin and you can only spin even? want even and you only get thick and thin?), bring your wheel, some wool and a sample of what you've been spinning and I'll give you some pointers for how to tweek your technique to achieve your desired yarn Dec 11

Drum it Up! - whether you felt or spin, you will have a blast blending bits and pieces of lovely fibers to create a one-of-a-kind batt to play with. You'll get an introduction to using a drum carder and leave with an exciting batt you designed. Bring yourself....and a friend?! Dec 18





Nota Bene: You must prepay to confirm your spot in a class. Fees paid to confirm a spot are NOT refundable if you, for any reason, cannot attend. If the class is cancelled by the teacher or store, then a full refund will be issued. Don't register unless you are sure you can participate, but don't delay since most classes fill quickly. In the event you sign up and can't make the class, you are welcome to send someone in your spot, but you are responsible for finding your replacement and making whatever financial arrangements between yourselves.