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If we don't have enough participants for a class we cancel it AT LEAST 1 week in advance of the class date (sometimes 2-3 weeks in advance if the instructor is coming from far away), so if you really want to take a workshop, don't wait until the last minute to sign up or the class may get cancelled or it may already be full!

To register for any of these classes, you need to print the registration form and mail it in with a check or your VISfA/MC info for the amount of the instruction fee only. Materials fees will be collected at the time of class.

You may sign up at the store as well, but no sign up is taken over the phone as we require the filled out registration form.


If you have a group of 4 or more who are interested in a particular topic, we can schedule a class around your group.

Be sure to check out our Events page for other gatherings of interest


Felting Workshops with Katia Mokeyeva -August 2016

I'm excited to be able to bring Yekaterina Mokeyeva here for a week in August 2016 for the following 3 felting workshops. You can learn more about this artist from her website

If you decide to join us for one or more of her classes and are coming from afar (i.e. need to book a plane ticket), PLEASE do not book airfare or distant travel until you have heard from us that your spot is confirmed (I've had people book their flight before I even received their mailed registration for a class that was full already!). I update the website only once per week, so if the class fills on a Saturday and I don't update it until Tuesday, you may be misled to thinking there is still space in the workshop if you look at the site on Monday.

So it's a good idea not to book your flights until we receive your registration and email/call you to confirm that you have a space in the class.


SAVE...If you register for both the Hooded Vest and one of the 2 day workshops, then you can take $50 off the instruction fee for the Hooded Vest class!

The Hooded Vest and the Goddess Shawl classes are being held at the Old Brick Church (2 blocks from here) so that everyone has a couple tables to themselves and lots of elbow room!

Textures of the Forest will be held here at the store (since they are smaller projects) and the class size for this workshop is being held to 8 to be sure participants have elbow room!

Felted Vest with Katia Mokeyeva

Monday - Wednesday August 1-3, 2016 9-4 each day Class limit - 12 Check back for more pictures of vests....coming soon...and be sure to click thru to her website/facebook page (see link above) to see more of her work!

In this workshop, you will create a seamless vest with a hood or a big collar. You will begin by creating a pattern for the garment, based on individual measurements.

Next, you will work on the idea for the details in the surface design. The final stage will be the nuno-felting of the garment, the use of decorative techniques and the creation of smooth color transitions, as well as all finishing touches. Students will create exciting effects (with the use of a sander or without) during this workshop.

Skill level: intermediate to advanced.

Price for 3 days of instruction: $450

This workshop will be held at the Old Brick Church, two blocks from the store.

Goddess Shawl with Katia Mokeyeva

Thursday & Friday August 4 & 5th, 2016 9 - 4 each day Class limit - 12

Check out her website for other pictures (link above) of the types of shawls she creates

In this class, we create a wrap that actually sits on the shoulders and stays in place, all while looking beautiful. We will learn how to make and combine different layouts in order to create a soft and strong felted fabric that drapes wonderfully and holds its shape where needed. We will study various surface techniques, and the way to compose with different colors and textures to yield a complete, harmonious piece.
This class is suitable for beginner to intermediate felt makers.

Price: $350

This workshop will be held at the Old Brick Church, two blocks from the store

Textures of the Forest with Katia Mokeyeva

Saturday & Sunday August 6 & 7th, 2016 9-4 each day Class limit 8

Check out her website for other pictures (link above)

Students will be creating summer cuffs and small light scarves. Katia will bring a lot of samples with her. Each student will create at least two different lightweight and fun designs with the use of different nuno-felting and felting techniques. You will learn how to work with small detailed designs, thin prefelts, contrasting colors, accenting threads, various textures, free form edges, how to incorporate different fibers, lace and fabrics to come up with elegant and fun accessories. Students will learn the technique of using a sander during this workshop.

Price : $275

This workshop will be held at the store.

SOS Drop In Knit Nights - Wed Dec. 9th and 16th 6:00 - 7:30

If you need more substantial help with a project than we typically assist customers with during normal business hours (during normal business hours it's easy to help you with pattern terminology or picking up a dropped stitch or how to rip out, etc. but lengthier knitting problems need special attention), these two evenings I will be available to help you with bigger issues.

For example, maybe your pattern asks you to crochet a button band and you've never crocheted before! Or maybe you haven't put a sweater together before? Or you have, but it never looks right and you want to learn how to do it properly? Or maybe you keep hearing about the "magic loop" and the online videos (I have one on my tutorial page too) just don't do it for you and you want to learn it "in person". Or maybe you want to learn to knit "continental"? Or maybe you put down a project a year ago and now have no idea where you are in it and want to get going again ?

This "drop in" is the perfect forum for that sort of help. And I'm happy to put the time aside to help you, but I don't want to put the night aside and have nobody show. So - PREREGISTRATION is required and a $10 fee will be collected at registration. Otherwise....well, I have a full life and not enough time to fit everything I want to in anyway, so I will make other plans for those evenings if nobody has registered by a week before the date!

Felt Boot Workshop- Online


The online version will begin Sept 23rd and run thru Dec 23rd.

The beauty of the online class is that you can register and start whenever during that 3 months that you'd like! It ends for everyone on Jan 2nd, regardless of when you register, however, so you'd need to know that if you don't start until mid October that you only have 2 months instead of 3. Some past participants in the online workshop have made 3 pair of boots in the 3 months. It's your decision when to register and when to start. But please read this page for more details so you can see what the class entails. You can also register from that page or here:

Online workshop: $95




Dye Lab - Online

Online Workshop beginning Oct 1st

For more information or to register, check out this page.

In short, this online class will cover 4 approaches to dyeing. Chemical dyeing (kettle and handpainting fiber and yarn and fabric), Natural Dyeing yarn and fiber, Eco-Printing, and Block Printing on silk and felt


Nuno Felt Shawl Sat and Sun Dec 5th and 6th 10 - 4 Just 2 spaces left!

I was originally referring to these shawls as "Opera" shawls because the first two I worked up reminded me of what I might have worn... back in the days when I dressed up and subscribed to the Met . Sigh- another life ago!

Anyway, to meet my more casual Vermont style, I've just worked up a couple other, more playful designs (check back for photo next week) and decided to call these Operaknots (Opera-nots?) because of a "knot" I worked into the latest!

These are reversible (yeah....two for the price of one!) shawls that can be elegant or playful depending on your color/design choices. I'll guide you thru making one if you want to join me for this 2 day workshop!

If you have never nuno felted before (if you don't know what that means, you haven't done it) you should take the Intro to Felt class on Sat Oct 3rd (scroll down for details) to get the basics before this class (and as a bonus, you'll also learn about traditional wet felting so you could take the Felt Boot, Leather and Felt Bags, or Felted Jacket classes next year!)

You can supply your own materials or purchase them here the morning of class at a discount. When you register, you will receive the materials list.

Class size is limited to 6 because of space.

Instruction fee: $150 (does not include your materials)

Nuno Felt Coat with Linda Veilleux - February and March, 2016

Join couture seamstress and felter extraordinaire, Linda, and be expertly guided thru the making of a nuno felt jacket. Please note.....it does not have to be the one pictured! You will choose a pattern that YOU like - that is YOUR style. And Linda will guide you thru everything from felting fabric appropriate for the jacket you choose, to making a muslin and altering the pattern for a great fit for YOUR physiqe, and finally thru the cutting and sewing of the felt into the garment!

While this is NUNO FELT...it is NOT SEAMLESS (I don't know why, but it seems that a lot of people equate nuno felt with "seamless" garments!).

This jacket that Linda made as a model features leather as trim. You do not have to do that ( isn't it lovely, tho'?) if you don't want to but Linda said she would show you how to work sewn leather trim in if you want -

BUT, you will need to have a sewing machine that can handle sewing leather if you want to add leather trim into your jacket..

To accommodate working customers (since otherwise this would be a 5 day class from Tuesday - Saturday and that is hard for many to take that many days off!) we have planned out a schedule for this workshop that is held just on weekends! Yeah!

Sat Feb 6th - 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. (the snow date is Sat Feb 13th)

During this half day class, Linda will show samples and talk about patterns and what to look for/avoid (you can bring a pattern with you to get her feedback on it if you have one in mind already). She will also explain how to make a muslin and why it's important AND will importantly, talk about how to layout the nuno felt (appropriate gms/sq foot) based on the fabric (paj, chiffon, etc) you are using.

Then your homework will be to work up a sample as per her instructions and to choose a pattern and cut out the pieces for your muslin before the next class.

Sat Feb 20th 10 - 4

During this full day session, Linda will show you how to make adjustments to your muslin based on your physique so you have a great fit. And she will also help you figure/calculate, based on your sample, how much fabric in what dimensions you will need to felt before the next meeting.

Your homework for this month will be to make the amount of fabric you need for your jacket.

Sat and Sun Mar 12 & 13th 10 - 4

During these two days, Linda will guide you thru cutting your fabric, based on the alterations you made to the muslin for a perfect fit, and thru the professional sewing techniques that will give your jacket that professional edge.

So now if you just read all this and are disappointed about the schedule because you live far away and so splitting a class up like this doesn't work for you....

don't despair.....

there will be an option for a hooded vest or coat class in August with Katia Mokeyeva and that class will be 3-4 days in a row...so check that out if that sort of scheduling works better for you. We try to vary up how things are offered to accomodate different schedules!


Each participant must provide their own sewing machine and it must be in working order and you must know how to use it! If you want to combine leather in as she has done in a couple of the coats shown, then you need to have a machine that can sew leather.

If you don't have such a machine or don't care to work in leather trim to your jacket, then you can have an ordinary sewing machine - I have a Janome that works fine sewing felt, but I'm not sure it has the juice to get thru leather. (if you are interested in combining felt and leather but don't have a machine that is heavy duty enough to sew the leather, then join me for the Felt and Leather Bag class in June-scroll down - that leather work is done by hand!).

Class size limited so don't delay if you are interested. Instruction fee (equivalent of 3.5 days): $350

A materials list will be forthcoming to participants - obviously, you'll need silk fabric and wool to nuno felt as well as muslin, a pattern, sewing thread etc. The details will be provided to registrants.




Felt n' Leather Bags with Jennifer Hoag- Sat, Sun & Mon June 25, 26 & 27th - more photos coming

Join me for a three day immersion in combining felt with leather hand- work to create a one of a kind bag. Whether you want to craft a clutch (photo coming shortly) for a dressy occasion, a handbag for everyday wear, a fanny pack or a cross-shoulder bag, I'll guide you thru every step from choosing the type of wool best suited to the style and function you desire, to figuring the pattern, working the leather trim into the design and lining the bag.

On the first day we'll look at several samples and discuss various design options, as well as felt your sample and practice the first basic leather stitch on your sample.

On the second day, having worked out your design and sampled your fiber to determine shrinkage, you'll actually layout and felt the bag or bag pieces (depending on your design choice) and then practice braiding a leather handle. And on the third day, now that you've practiced some basic leather work, you'll actually make the leather handles, attach the leather bottoms, trims....depending on your choices....and fit in the lining.

Instruction fee: $300



There are more classes, Knit-a-longs and Events planned for 2016, but I haven't had a chance to post them yet...so stay tuned!







Nota Bene: You must prepay to confirm your spot in a class. Fees paid to confirm a spot are NOT refundable if you, for any reason, cannot attend. If the class is cancelled by the teacher or store, then a full refund will be issued. Don't register unless you are sure you can participate, but don't delay since most classes fill quickly. In the event you sign up and can't make the class, you are welcome to send someone in your spot, but you are responsible for finding your replacement and making whatever financial arrangements between yourselves.