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We make go-no go decisions about classes AT LEAST 1 week in advance of the class date (sometimes 2-3 weeks in advance if the instructor is coming from far away), so if you really want to take a workshop, don't wait until the last minute to sign up or the class may get cancelled or may fill up.

To register for any of these classes, you need to print the registration form and mail it in with a check or your VISfA/MC info for the amount of the instruction fee only. Materials fees will be collected at the time of class.

You may sign up at the store as well, but no sign up is taken over the phone as we require the filled out registration form.


If you have a group of 4 or more who are interested in a particular topic, we can schedule a class around your group.

Be sure to check out our Events page for other gatherings of interest


Felted Lariat with Nancy Evans Sat April 18th 10 - 5

Even if you've never felted before, you can join Nancy Evans to learn the basics of nuno felting as you combine merino roving with bits of silk chiffon to form an artsy necklace.

You'll learn how to make felt ropes, make dreds and felt ruffles too! All of which are elements you can add to bags, wall hangings and other felt projects in the future!

At the end of the day you'll leave with a decorative felt lariat style necklace..... there may be some beading or other surface embellishment you wish to add to it after class and Nancy will gladly guide you thru those final embellishment ideas.

Bring a couple of old towels to class, along with any silk gauze (old blouses or scarves?), or embellishments like beads, buttons or feathers you might like to incorporate. Also, you'll need some merino top (available for purchase at the store at a class discount). Remember to bring thread and needle, too.

Instruction Fee for this class alone: $75

Sign up for this class and her other fun class on Sunday (see below) to make a Shibori Felted Pin and get both classes for $125

Shibori Felted Pin with Nancy Evans Sun April 19th 10 - 5

Advance your felting skills and make this artistic textural pin featuring lots of "bubbles" and "craters", while you learn to apply a shibori technique to felt. This pin looks great on a hat or coat. I've used this technique effectively to make some fabulous and dramatic cuffs, too.

Bring a couple of old towels along with any silk gauze or chiffon you have and any embellishments you might like to incorporate. Essential is very strong thread and a strong needle...so be sure to pack that! And bring a pin backing too. You'll need some merino top, so bring that, or buy it here the day of class at a class discount.

Register for just this class alone: $75

Register for the full weekend and enjoy 2 days of creative felting with Nancy and make both the Lariat and the Shiori Pin for just $125

Felt Boots Columbus Day Weekend (Sat - Mon) 2015

I started making these boots about 12-15 years ago and offered the class "live" here at the shop for several years. But so many felters from around the world had contacted me asking me to make it available online so they could join in, that ever since I made it available as an online workshop (which I'll do again this fall, as well), I stopped offering it here "live".

But a lot of locals have asked for it "live" and, as I think with any class it is better "live" than by video, I decided to offer it again this fall.

So join me for 3 days of fun and felting. From discussing the various breeds of sheep that are good for this type of project, to measuring your foot for a custom fit to laying out a sample and then your boots, we'll felt both boots and embellish them and attach them to soles. I'll share some techniques for a couple of unique leather trim options that I haven't included online. And you'll leave with a pair of boots for the winter season!

Instruction fee includes all handouts and 3 full days of instruction: $275

Fiber available at a discount the day of class - or provide your own (approx cost before discount: $45, but obviously depends on what wool your choose and how thick you make your boots and what size they are, etc!)

Soles need to be purchased separately (once you register, I'll forward a supply/resources list) or you can bring recycled soles (old pair of boots to use for the soles).

Also this will be offered online in the fall 2015 as well...stay tuned for details on that class.

Dye Lab Thursdays May 7, 21, 14, 28 6:30 - 8:30 Still looking for my photo of a Block Printed Scarf...check back.

If you're interested in learning the basics of 4 different methods for dyeing protein based fibers, yarns or fabrics join me for an introduction to the basics of chemical dyeing, natural dyeing, hand painting, and 2 ways to print (one chemical and one natural). The dye methods I will be teaching work only on protein based materials - so no cottons, linens, ramie, etc....just wool, silk, alpaca, etc.

Sign up for all 4 weeks for $75 ($10 materials fee will be collected at class) or any of them individually for $30 per class and a $5 materials fee will be collected

May 7th: Chemical Dyeing - both vat and handpainting. I'll cover how you'd handle yarn, fiber or silk fabric as well as vat and steaming options. How to calculate your dye and adjuvant needs and proper handling of dyes.

May 21st: Natural Dyeing Basics - I'll cover various methods of extracting the dye from plants, what plants to look for and what colors they yield and also the various mordants you can use (although I'll only use alum in the class setting - maybe iron).

May 14th: Eco Printing Basics - You'll wrap and print a scarf length piece of fabric in this workshop (you supply it or buy a silk scarf here the night of class at a class discount) while learning the basics of this technique using plants from the garden (and Trader Joes!)

May 28th: Block Printing - This is a chemical dye process used to create specific geometric shapes on silk, felt or nuno felt fabric in any color(s) you like!

Instruction fee: $75. A materials fee of $10 will be collected to cover the dyes, adjuvants, propane, handouts, etc. Participants supply their own yarn, fiber and fabric for the samples (I'll send participants a list of supplies they need....since it's just for samples so you learn the techniques, it won't be much in the way of yarn, fiber or fabric and if you end up buying it at the store for class, you'll get the class discount)


Online Felt Boot Workshop

Will run again in the fall 2015. Stay tuned for details.

I will also offer it live here at the shop over Columbus day weekend....scroll up for details.



Butterfly Shawl with Jean Gauger July 9- 11th

Join Jean for a wonderful 3 days designing a lovely nuno felt shawl. Or you can add buttons at each side to create a sort of sleeve and wear it as a cardigan or even wrap it around your hips and wear it over leggings too!

She'll guide you thru various design elements she uses in her "butterfly shawls".

In this three day class you will learn how to make a nuno butterfly art shawl by making super light nuno felt. You will be given all the tips and techniques needed to help make your own unique piece. You will be shown different types of silks and how to lay out merino roving in combination with lovely embellishments including silk hankies, tussah silk, bamboo, and various novelty yarns.

This is a rather large project but with a 3-day workshop you will have ample time to plan and layout your project along with new ways for the felting and fulling process.

This is not a rank beginner project - you must know the basics and have felted before - but relatively new felters are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun!

Included in the price of the 3 day workshop is a gournet lunch (interesting salads, a hot dish/casserole/soup, cheese/coldcuts, dessert, chocolate, etc).

Instruction fee: $475 for 3 great days of felting and 3 great meals! This workshop is being held at the Old Brick Church just 2 blocks from here so everyone will have plenty of elbow room and 2 big tables to work on. You'll be standing a lot, so wear comfy shoes!! :)


Felter's "Building Dimension" Special -

this offer cannot be used in conjunction with the Frequent Felter's Program, but if you don't qualify for that yet, you can enjoy a 15% savings on the Registration/Instruction fees if you sign up for BOTH of the next 2 exciting felting workshops here:

A Journey of Experimental Discovery with Marjolein Dallinga


3-D Hollow Forms with Dagmar Binder.

So instead of paying a total of $900 for both ($450 each) , it would be $765 (including 6 great lunches) for 6 FABULOUS days of felting creativity in 2015


3-D Hollow Forms and Bags with Dagmar Binder Sept 3 - 5 2015

Those of you who joined in on the workshop with Dagmar here a couple of years ago will be happy to hear she is coming back to share her latest techniques and approaches to felting. This time, its 3-D hollow forms and bags! Although many of the techniques you'll learn for creating 3-D dimensions while making the hollow form can be applied to wearables, in this class we'll get her expert guidance and creative approach to apply surface dimension to a hollow form...like a new bag!

And who doesn't love a new bag to go with your latest nuno garment? Or with your latest felt scraf or coat?

So join us for 3 lovely days of creativity and fiber fun with Dagmar and make rock a new felt bag!

Included in the price of the 3 day workshop is a gournet lunch (interesting salads, a hot dish/casserole/soup, cheese/coldcuts, dessert, chocolate, etc). Instruction fee: $450 for 3 great days of felting and 3 great meals!

Sculptural Felting: A Journey of Experimental Discovery with Marjolein Dallinga Nov 13 - 15, 2015 10am - 5pm each day with 1 hour lunch break

You don't create art, it already exists. You just have to let it come to you - let it out without attachment to the outcome.

That, in a nutshell, sums up Marjolein's very successful approach to felting. Join Marjolein for a journey of discovery of what felt can do and be and how to let the art come to you!

About this 3 day workshop, Marjolein says "it will deepen your consciousness about the experience learned from sculpting with felt and other fibers. We will explore different sculpting form ideas to become more aware of how and why we want to use this medium. We will focus on basics like color and design conceptions of our art work".

Students will be challenged to play with their own design ideas, guided by Marjolein thru various felting techniques and approaches to opening the creative process, with a focus on the journey and not the end result.

About a month before the class, all registrants will receive an itemized materials list. But it is nothing unusual....the usual felting supplies (towels, 2 bars of olive oil soap, bubblewrap, noodle, etc) plus she recommends 2000 grams of fiber in assorted colors, including black, white and grey. I can't actually imagine you would use that much wool, unless you were making something HUGE, but my guess is that she wants you to have lots of colors and textures to play with!

You can view her inspiring work at Bloomfelt.com if you want to get more of an idea of who she is and what she does.

Included in the price of the 3 day workshop is a gournet lunch (interesting salads, a hot dish, cheese/coldcuts, dessert, chocolate, etc). Instruction fee: $450 for 3 creative days of felting and 3 great meals.


Learn to Spin - Saturday March 21st 10 - 5

In this 1 day workshop, you'll learn the basics of spinning yarn on a wheel. Although some participants leave after a day's instruction spinning a lovely even yarn, you shouldn't expect that your ability after 1 day will have you making perfect yarn! You should expect to leave with a "thick and thin" yarn (then you can always be happily surprised if you get further in a day!) but you'll have the basics of the technique down and at least will understand what you're aiming for and have the knowledge to practice toward it. And you'll leave with a much greater understanding of yarn and of wool, too, which can only help your knitting and weaving choices.

We'll practice spinning on commercially made roving, but you'll also get a chance to follow the process thru from beginning to end. Well, you won't actually shear the sheep - :) - but we'll wash some freshly shorn fleece and will also card some washed/dried locks to make roving so you understand the entire process. And we'll not only spin the singles, but you'll learn to ply as well.

Instruction fee includes the use of a store wheel (tho' if you have your own wheel in good working condition, you are welcome to bring that), the fiber spun and all handouts: $95


Nota Bene: You must prepay to confirm your spot in a class. Fees paid to confirm a spot are NOT refundable if you, for any reason, cannot attend. If the class is cancelled by the teacher or store, then a full refund will be issued. Don't register unless you are sure you can participate, but don't delay since most classes fill quickly. In the event you sign up and can't make the class, you are welcome to send someone in your spot, but you are responsible for finding your replacement and making whatever financial arrangements between yourselves.