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This new online workshop developed out of a "live" class I offered here last spring.

This workshop covers dyeing the PROTEIN fibers-so silk, wool, alpaca, etc. I do not cover the dyes/techniques for dyeing plant based fabrics/yarns (cotton, linen, etc).

One of the participants commented in class that it was her "dream dye class" because it introduced her to a wide range of approaches to dyeing yarn, fiber, felt and silk fabric.

So I decided to turn it into a workshop that I could offer online.

I have covered 4 general approaches to dyeing.. Each one is it's own "module" in the workshop, so they stand on their own if you're not interested in the others. But since there are 2 general approaches to chemical dyeing and 2 processes to using natural dyestuffs, they do complement each other.

The next session of the Eco Printing will be held sometime late summer or early fall. Check back then for more details OR sign up for our email newsletter and/or our Facebook page (you can do both from the "Home" page on this site) because as soon as I know about the dates I'll notify people thru those two forums.

For now, you can read below to see what is covered in the online workshop:



Potential Dyeplants

Results on different fabrics - weave structure, density, types of silk and the impact on the print

Mordants and Making Mordant Dyebaths

The Actual Steps, Nuts & Bolts for Eco-Printing

Natural Dyeing

Potential Dye Materials - from the roadside, the flower and vegetable garden, and non-indigenous

Mordants and safe handling

Extracting for different colors-shifting colors with acids and bases

Lichen Dyeing

Indigo Dyeing

Step by Step Process


Chemical Dyeing


Making Stock Solutions

Formula Dyeing for repeatable colors

Vat/Kettle Dye Techniques for yarn, fiber and fabric

Handpainting fiber and yarn

Block Printing

Materials/equipment needed

Technique for squares

Technique for yardage/scarves


The next online workshop will be late summer/early fall 2016. For now, you can be sure that you have a gmail address and that you can watch videos hosted thru Vimeo as per the instructions below.

.As with my other online workshops, you will need to have a gmail email account. If you do not have one, you can set one up (free of charge). Directions for how to do that can be found here.

And you need to be sure you can watch videos hosted thru Vimeo before you register. Most people can, but if you have your own server it may be problematic. So click thru to this page and if you can watch the video housed on that page, then you are good to go.