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We try to offer a wide range of free events here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics!

As we schedule such events, they will be added here on this page. Scroll down for details.



Baby/Kids Knits Trunk Show - Sat Jan 23rd 1 - 5

So what's a trunk show, you ask? It's when a pattern designer or yarn manufacturer/designer sends me a slew of garments knit up featuring their patterns or yarns, for me to display on a temporary basis. Since I can't possibly knit everything up, this is a great way to share with you other project ideas. So usually the "trunk shows" are here for a couple of weeks, but I usually have an "event" on one of the days and offer some specials.

On Sat Jan 23rd I'll have a trunk show featuring lots of great designs from Fiber Co as well as more designs from Never Not Knitting pattern designer. Both are chock full of knits for kids and babies. So come take a look at these new project ideas for the new spring babies -from sweaters and booties and blankets to stuffed toys and hats - and take advantage of a special savings when you purchase the pattern book and yarn to make one!


Give it a Whorl! Sat Feb 13th 1 - 3

If you've ever been curious to try your hand at spinning your own yarn, come on over!

I'll have fiber out and some drop spindles available for you to "give it a whorl" and in between customers I can give you some pointers on technique.

Plus I'll have samples of handspun yarns and finished products out so you can see what the possibilities of learning to spin your own yarn are! Since there is an Introduction to Spinning (on a wheel) class scheduled in March, this might be a good way to explore the possibilities!

Please RSVP by Sat Feb 6th so we have some fiber and a drop spindle available for you.

Vermont Yarn, Juniper Moon Yarn, and Swan Island Yarn Tasting - Sat Feb 27th 1 - 3

If these yarns haven't been on your "radar screen" yet, they should be!

There are so many different breeds of sheep to experience. Yes, alpaca and merino are lovely, but don't you want to see what some of the others are all about? So come on over and experience the different types of wools that different sheep yield. They each have their special characteristics!

Each year or so, I pick a different breed of sheep and hand select the fleeces from VT farms, have them spun locally and then dye them here. From Icelandic and Shetland, to Border Leicester and BFL to Merino and Cormo, Rambouillet and ...well the list goes on!

And now Swan Island has been branching out to Rambouillet, which isn't found in many commercial yarns, so I'll have both the Rambouillet/Alpaca worsted weight as well as the new sport weight Rambouillet for you to try out.

And since alpaca is lovely and popular, I'll ahve several of the Juniper Moon alpaca yarns for you to put thru their paces as well.

So bring your needles, grab a friend and plan on joining us for a journey thru various breeds of sheep and types of alpaca!

But since we go thru a lot of work to wind all these yarns for participants, I'll need to know in advance that you're planning on joining us or I won't have a set for you to play with.

So please RSVP by Sat Feb 13th.

Felter's Play Day - Sat Mar 19th 1 - 5

On this Saturday, I'll have out a stash of fibers, fabrics, prefelts and embellishments of all sorts for felter's to come "play" with. There is no instruction (I have to work the floor that day but will poke my head in when it's quiet and be happy to give some tips) but it is a chance for you to come experiement and play with some fibers tjat maybe you haven't worked with before (different types of silk, nupps, locks, prefelts?) and in this setting you can just do a little sample to put them thru their paces and see how you like them.

Never used prefelts before? This is the time to put them thru their paces! Never used reeled silk or Silk thrums? Don't know the difference between the effect you get with tussah silk or bombyx? Not sure how to felt in nupps or locks? All this stuff, and more, will be out for you to experiment with. Maybe you'll find some new embellishments you like.

And it's a way for you to meet other felters, too. I'll have the tables set up and the Flash Felters, Washboards, car mats, sushi mats, etc out for you to use. Bring your own preferred felting soap and towels.

Please RSVP by Sat Mar 12th that you're coming.

Book Signing and Needle Felting Demonstration

Sat April 16th 1-3

Neysa's book on Needle Felting is chock full of fun projects for all ages and experience levels and it will be out in April. So come on by this Saturday and get your copy of her book - she'll be here to autograph it, answer any questions you have and do a demonstration of one of her designs/techniques. I'll also have a kit(s) available for a couple of the projects in the book and will offer them at an introductory discount price when you purchase her book that day.

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