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We try to offer a wide range of free events here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics!

As we schedule such events, they will be added here on this page. Scroll down for details.



color yarn wrap

Color Games

Sat July 14th 1-2:30ish Please RSVP -

Yes....that shawl shown above was knit with the color of Bliss Angel that you see photographed with it! It is amazing how colors can be altered by what you put it next to or combine it with!!

This "even" is not just for knitters! It can benefit anyone who works with color - spinners, felters and weavers too! And it is really fun and will get you thinking and working outside your comfort zone.

Aside from customers confessing to me that they don't really understand gauge or how to substitute yarns, the next most common lament I hear from knitters, felters and weavers alike is that they aren't comfortable or don't feel confident putting colors together!

So join me for some really fun and interesting exercises that will take the "dull" out of studying color theory and join me for some fun hands-on exercises that will help you better understand some color concepts to build your confidence and knowledge of using color in textiles!


nordic knits cover Managing 2 colors at a time

Thurs July 19th...6-7:30/8 Please RSVP -

In case you are interested in joining us for the Knitt'n Mittens Workshop this fall, you may want to learn some tips and techniques for managing 2 colors in a row and then have the summer to practice what you learn!

Join me for this FREE tututorial in which I'll show you several easy ways to knit with 2 colors in a row, including a discussion and demonstration of "yarn dominance", which can make a HUGE difference in how well your finished fabric looks! As well as tips for managing the floats and how to twist in your yarn in back without buckling your fabric - or letting the backside color show thru!!!

I'll supply a free pattern to knit so you can practice your technique - and since it is a felted pattern you don't have to worry about your tension while you practice!


Drum Carding Party!

Sat July 28th 1 - 5

I love to work with blends of fibers and also to blend my own colors, so I use my drum carder a ton!

Plus, it is a really great tool to have if you are a felter or spinner because you can save all those bits and pieces and remains from old projects and re-card them into something beautiful.

This afternoon, I'll have drum carders out and will show you how to use them in creative ways - so bring all your bits and pieces of leftover fiber from previous projects and learn to card them together into wonderful batts that can be felted . I'll put out a bag of bits and pieces leftover from the workshops here that you can draw on too!

The exciting possibilities of drum carding are not limited to creating "art batts" from yourleftovers only! They are also fabulous for blending fibers (add a touch of angora to that wool?) and also colors to create your own unique palette for felting or your own unique yarn as a spinner! You will get so addicted to the creative purposes the drum carder can be used for, that I'll also be offering a discount on carders purchased this day!

So grab a friend, some fiber and make a road trip of it!



SpinKnit Stitching Bee

First & Third Thursdays of each month - 6ish - 8ish -

CANCELLED FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS - sorry, I'm just out of town too much! I'll post when it gets started up agan.

Whether you want to grab your wheel or your knitting needles, some hand stitching or crochet or whatever project it is that you are working on, you are welcome to come on over the first Thursday & Third Thursdays of Nov & Dec and join me and others for a social "stitching Bee". And better yet, grab a friend and bring him or her, too!

I'm going to use these evenings to channel my Viking ancestry (there must be some in there!) to complete an Icelandic project I'm working on. So some months I may be spinning and other times combing to separate tog and thel....the next maybe knitting or trying my hand at nalbinding again. I may even pull out the cards and do some tablet weaving. Anyway - you get the idea: bring whatever project you are working on at the time.

Anyway, I'll be in the workshop from 6ish - 8ish on the first Thursdays of each month.... so anyone who wants to come and join the comradery of others crafting, is welcome. I will have out refreshments. I am happy to offer a bit of advice if someone is stuck or confused on their project.

If someone is looking for extensive help with a project, I offer individual one on one lessons or problem solving for customers. These need to be scheduled in advance since I'm not always around or if I am, I may be in the middle of some dyeing or something. So email me ( with what it is that you specifically want to accomplish/learn/get help with and some potential times that are good for you, and we can get something on the calendar. There is a $25 fee per hour for private lessons.


Needle Felted Bird Tapestries:

Show and Demonstrations

Calling all birders!!!

Coming soon. Check back for more info and dates.

Mittens with Moxie Contest

Knit a pair of mittens that you think have attitude - whether it be in the colors or design. Drop them by the store for display the month of November to be entered into a

random drawing for store prizes!

Mittens must be delivered/dropped off between Oct 25th and Oct 31st.

Mittens will be displayed here for the month of November and must be picked up by the knitter between Dec 1st and 15th (that way if you made them as a gift, you have them to give!!)

Each mitten displayed here will be entered into a random drawing in one of 3 categories :

Category One is for mittens that are the knitter's original design - i.e. their own pattern.

Category Two is for mittens knit following a commercial pattern but with the knitters own twist of color or even a tweek to the design

Category Three is for mittens knit using the knitters own handspun yarn.

The drawings will be made randomly on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and posted on Facebook.

The prizes will be $100 Gift Certificates for yarn or fiber.


Fiber Challenge- The Occasionally Biennial Event!

Coming soon. Keep your eyes on our email newsletter or Facebook for details!