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We try to offer a wide range of free events here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics!

As we schedule such events, they will be added here on this page. Scroll down for details.




Fiber Open House Sat Feb 14th 1-3

Demonstrations, exhibits, samples....

Everything you wanted to know about wool and other fibers and the implications for the yarn you work with or the felt you make!

If you knit, spin, felt or weave and are curious to learn more about wool, how yarn is spun and processed and how all of this...from the breed of sheep to how the fiber is processed to how it is spun....impacts the yarn you work with and the garment you ultimately make, then stop by Saturday afternoon!

I'll have combs and a drum carder out to show you how wool is processed and how much fun it can be to blend colors - for spinning or felting - using one of these tools. I'll also have out a drop spindle and a wheel to demonstrate how wool is spun and I'll have out lots of examples of raw fleeces....from raw cashmere to various breeds of you can see how it all starts.

So if you are one of those customers who has tried over and over to buy any of the handspun yarns I have out on display, come see how you could spin them yourself!

Or if you are a knitter and are curious why some wools pill and others don't...why some are so cozy and soft and yet others show off the stitch pattern so much better...then come see how the raw materials and the spin can affect your yarn.

Or maybe you want to try knitting directly from a silk cocoon? I'll show you how!

If, as a felter, you want to learn how to blend your own colors or use up all your bits and pieces to make truly original batts for your creation, come on over.






Thursday evenings 6:30 - 8:00 Feb 19th - Mar 19th

The group that did the Cowl Knit-A-Long (photos above) enjoyed gathering together and so wanted to continue. So I decided, based on a project that I've had set aside for a while now and given the enthusiastic feedback from 2 of the participants that I asked about it, to have this new Knit-A-Long be a Fair Isle Wristlet/Fingerless Mitt project.

As with the last Knit-A-Long, if you just want to bring whatever you are working on and knit socially, that's fine too. For those of you interested, I'll have out books of charts to design from and then guide you thru the figuring of how many to cast on given your yarn and how to shape the thumb gusset, etc.

I'll be working with my own NFAC Merino.....I love this yarn and when it is gone, it is gone because the mill isn't spinning it anymore. I'm so sad and so have been stashing colors for quite a while and picked from my stash, a series of blue/greens and a series of burnt oranges to work with. Can't wait to get started!


First Friday Clearance Bins...-

on the first Friday of every month (well almost every month...occasionally because we are closed for a holiday or if we have a conflict with a workshop, this will not happen), I put lots of great yarns at deep discounts in the back room.

These may be odd lots of skeins or bags of discontinued colors or even entire lines of yarns that I've decided to get rid of to make room for new inventory. So often there are several yarns in multiple colors that there is enough quantity in to make full garments....even afghans.

Some may be single skeins of hand-painted luxury yarns by Art Yarns, for example, or Blue Heron in which you get enough yardage in 1 skein to make a scarf or shawl.

And other yarns may be 1 skein of this color and 2 sks of another color. While these sometimes require a bit more imagination to use (unless you just need to knit a baby hat or booties which can be done with 1 skein!) , they are great buys and can be the most rewarding projects.

This pile of yarn on the left I picked out of the back room last month and then gave to my sister and she knit up the very wide and doubled cowl shown below.....and I still have enough yarn (she didn't even use 2 of the yarns in the cowl) with what was left over to knit another narrower scarf....all for just $24. The yarns are merino, silk, alpaca, handspun angora....just lovely! Join us for the Knit-A-Long (see above) to make a similar cowl.