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Online Felt Boot Workshop

If you're interested in participating....scroll down to read more about it and to REGISTER for the upcoming session, as well as to learn more about the boots and what you'll need to participate.

I've been wearing this pair of boots now thru, gosh it must be 14 winters now.. Thru dog walking and snowshoeing and my feet have never been cold and never gotten wet.

The felt boots in this workshop are made using traditional felting techniques from raw fiber....this workshop does not involve any knitting!

To be successful making these boots you need to have some experience in traditional, wet felting techniques. It is best if you have made some 3-D items a hat or a vessel....or at least are familiar with using a resist. This is not a beginner class, yet I've had a few people with "limited experience" take it say they learned a lot!

The workshop is set up thru a private blog which "houses" the videos and comprehensive step by step pdf handouts for you to print out and follow. The blog also offers you the opportunity to post questions for me to answer if you run into questions as you work thru the handouts. And the blog also houses a lot of additional information and photographs to support your progress as you learn.

During the course you'll have private access to 15 videos that support the step by step handouts and worksheets for every step.....You get handouts and diagrams for taking correct foot measurements for your custom fit and directions for a custom pattern for your resist. Plus tips for sampling and a worksheet to walk you thru the math needed to figure your shrinkage rates. There are handouts and supporting videos describing how to lay out the fiber & felt the boot; from design considerations in laces and loops and embellishing options and finally to attaching the boot to either a custom made sole or a re-cycled sole.

With any of my online workshops you get explicit step by step instructions, diagrams, flow sheets and you can watch the videos as many times as you'd like and whenever you'd like during the course of the workshop. You will be able to stop, pause, replay, as many times as you'd like. Most importantly, you have an opportunity to post questions for me to answer so this class is not static, but interactive. Once a week I check in to answer questions participants post for me.

I've had felters take the workshop and not start until the last month and make just 1 pair and I've had others who have worked on it throughout the time allotyed and have made 3 pair during the class. So everyone can work it into the 4 months timeframe as works for their schedule. It is ample time. When I run it here as a "live" class, I run it for 3 days.

To make these boots you'll need about 1 pound of wool (max!) and you'll need to purchase soles (or make them yourself ). Honestly, my boots are done with under 8 ozs, but I've had participants want to make much thicker boots than I like. And I've had others make a lot of samples before deciding on their thickness, so you need to have some slush! So a pound is more than enough for most people.

The wool and soles are an additional cost for you to consider in the overall cost of the boots since it is in addition to your workshop fee and whatever your fiber costs you. But you're getting a custom made boot that is comfortable, warm, dry, and lasts for a long time. AND you learn a lot in the process. AND you have the fun and entertainment of making them!

I provide the information on ordering the soles (from someone else, not me) in the initial handout and have added a few possibilities to this new version for creating your own soles. If you order the soles from the shoesmith, the cost of the last basic sole I purchased from her was about $55.... it can go to $75 if you have extra wide or large feet or if you decide to include a heel support, etc. The soles from the shoesmith are custom made for you. But whether you decide to order from her or repurpose a sole (I have added a new video which includes how to do this), that is all done at the conclusion of the felting. So you don't need the sole right away and will have months to consider your options.

Lastly, if you want to view either a very general course outline or for previous participants boot pics & testimonias, follow the highlighted links.

Ready to register?

First....there are two important things.

1) YOU MUST have a gmail account to participate in the workshop since you'll need this in order to access the blog and view the videos. If you do not have a gmail account now, click here for information on how to set one up (it is free and takes only minutes to do).

2) The videos are posted thru Vimeo. So be sure you can watch Vimeo videos. If you use a "proxy" server, apparently you may have trouble (1 participant in almost 1000 over the years in all my workshops has had this problem). Some I-pad users have had to disable a You-Tube app in order to watch Vimeo videos. And one participant had to update her browser settings. So if you live in a remote place or have an unusual internet set-up, you need to check into Vimeo first to be sure your computer has the capability to run the videos.

You can "test" your computer and internet connection here to be sure you can view the Vimeo videos. not register unles you have clicket thru to the link in the previous sentence and have confirmed that you are able to watch the Vimeo videos from the computer you intend to take the workshop from.

Once a person has registered and accepted my invitation to the blog and had access to all the handouts, videos, pages of information, there is no refund. Just like in a live class, when you register, you take up a spot that someone else could have taken if you didn't. So there are no refunds.


I hope you can join me!

Session beginning Oct 24th, 2016 - Feb 28th, 2017.

The cost is $95