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Online Felt Workshops

I've been wearing these boots thru, gosh it must be 10 winters now. Thru dog walking and snowshoeing and my feet have never been cold and never gotten wet.

The felt boots in this workshop are made using traditional felting techniques from raw fiber....this workshop does not involve any knitting!

To be successful making these boots, I think you should have some experience in traditional, wet felting techniques. It is best if you have made some 3-D items a hat or a vessel. I don't consider it a a beginner class, yet I've had more than a few people with "limited experience" register for it and come out with ok boots. And they say they learned a lot! So its up to you if you want to register. But I assume you have basic knowledge in the videos.

I've run this Online version of the workshop 6 or 7 times now, maybe 8? Anyway, I keep tweeking it a bit based on experience.

During the course you'll have private access to 15 videos that walk you thru the making of these felt boots.....everything from taking measurements for your custom fit and making a custom pattern to laying out the fiber & felting the boot; from design considerations in laces and loops and embellishing options to attaching the boot to the custom made sole

With any of my online workshops, you can watch the videos as many times as you'd like and whenever you'd like during the course of the workshop. You will be able to stop, pause, replay, as many times as you'd like

In addition to the videos, during my online workshops you'll receive numerous comprehensive pdf downloads of handouts to supplement your videos and you'll have access to an interactive "blog" thru which you can post questions for me to answer.

To make these boots you'll need about 1 pound of wool (max!) and you'll need to purchase soles. The information on ordering the soles (from someone else, not me) is provided in the initial handout. The current cost of a basic sole is about $55.....more if you have extra wide or large feet or if you decide to include a heel support, etc. I do not make the soles and I have no vested interest in the soles.

In fact, since so many participants from overseas and "down under" have taken this online workshop and not wanted to order the soles from this country, I added a new module last year that shows how you can "recycle" a sole from an existing boot if you like.

YOU MUST have a gmail account to participate in the workshop since you'll need this in order to access the blog and view the videos. If you do not have a gmail account now, click here for information on how to set one up (it is free and takes only minutes to do).

. For pictures of boots some of the students who have taken the online boot class have made, as well as some of their comments about the workshop, check out this page.

Register for Online Felt Boot Course : $95

This class begins Oct 15th and will be available to you (and I'll be checking in to answer questions) thru Jan 15th. On Jan 15th, participant's access to the videos and blog thru which questions are posed and answered, is removed. The handouts are yours to keep. There are no exceptions or changes to the timeline, so if you can't carve out time to make the boots (here we do it in 3 full days) during the 3 months the class is available, don't register.

To view a course outline, click here:

To read customer testimonials, click here:



Other Online Workshop (these will run later this fall and/or thru the winter)...

Online Felt Hat Workshop will be starting sometime in the early spring....and its not just about making a felt hat...just about every felter has done that or could figure out the basics on their own. But we'll be delving into true millinery techniques that add a professional touch to your final product. We'll go over everything from what hat styles are best for what faces and making veils, to ribbon work, and trims to adding surface dimension to two really cool and novel ways to create ANY hat block you want!!! And of course we'll cover sizing, fiber choices and making the felt. During the workshop we'll make a beret, a cloche and a brimmed hat.


Intro to Felting Class

Between knowing that not everybody has access to an Introductory class in their area and hearing from so many customers ( who first learned basic felting elsewhere and then took my Intro Class) that they learned so much more from my class than others they'd taken, I decided to launch an Online version of my Introduction to Felting class. More details coming soon.

This will first launch in November 2014.

Trivets & Coasters

I've had fun working out the best way to create a really dense and firm flat piece made up from component pieces for the last year or so and am in the process (fall 2014) of editing this onine class. Unlike the boots and hats, this is a short quick video workshop and its initial offering will be to raise money to help pay some medical expenses for an inspiring felter, Linda VanAllstyne.

This will run right after the New Year. More details coming soon.