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In March, I invited customers to participate in a Felt Challenge. If you want to know the what/hows/whys etc of how this Challenge worked and what it's about, check out this page for details.

I've run this type of a "Challenge" before with knitters... many times....the last time I did this I had over 600 knitters sign up for the Challenge and only about 48 completed it! So that is a testament to how difficult this type of creative exercise is!

So Kudos to everyone who completed this Challenge and also to those who had the courage to participate, even if you weren't able to get it done in time - we know how life happens!

I know that there were quite a few felters who wanted to participate but who registered after all our Challenge Kits were gone. So if something like this sounds interesting to you, please stay tuned to our email newsletter, as I'll be hosting another one sometime later this fall or maybe just after XMAS.

Well over 100 people cast their kudos (and that was after I eliminated MANY multiple kudo castings, since as mentioned, I only accepted one Kudo per email address). Every Felt Challenge creation received great praise, but

the design that garnered the most Kudos is Felt Challenge C.

I hope each of the particpants will email me ( their snail mailing address. So few who registered to participate, actually completed the challenge this time around, that I have a little something for everyone. Donna Ferguson, designer of Challenge C, gets to choose between taking Dagmar Binder's workshop here in August or a great basket of fiber (retail value $200).

Felt Challenge "A" participant (Judy Cole) needle felted this tree. She added the green fabric into which she needled the tree. She didn't send a "detail" photo, so I chose the central motif from the shot she sent me and tried to create a "detail" image out of that.

Felt Challenge "B" Participant (Diane Christiansen) wet felted this underwater scene. Here are her comments about the piece:

The colors made me think of coral so I did a coral reef. The thing I added was a turquoise blue short fiber merino. I did a lot of separating colors and blending to get the colors I wanted. Blending the yellow prefelt fibers with the turqouise short fiber was a challenge but I got a green which I felt was missing. I have been working on doing more build-up on the surface of my landscapes and the coral seemed a natural for that. This was a really fun challenge and since the colors are not ones that I am drawn to it was a double challenge.

Felt Challenge "C" (Donna Ferguson) Participant created a wearable felt vest for the Challenge. Her "add" was the heathery black fiber that you see in the vest. The detail photo of the flowers which embellish the front shows where she used the funky yarn, mawattas and yellow pre/partial felts.


Felt Challenge "D" Participant (Linda Wright) created this textural/3-D wall hanging. Her "add" was the thread she used to sew the pieces together.


Felt Challenge "E" Participant (Teresa Berger) created this little girls jumper. I believe her "add" was the thread she used to seam the pieces and attach the buttons she made with the wool.


Felt Challenge "F" Participant (Nan Travers) wet felted this piece, which she titled "From Vancouver to Tuscany". Her "add" was a piece of dyed fabric which she folded origami style and nuno felted into the wall hanging creating the dimensional flower which she chose as her "detail" photo.