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Dyed Felting Batt -mixed bags

You asked for got it!

This short stapled fiber is excellent for needle felting. It can be wet felted, but I like it and stock if for neede felters.

You can purchase it in larger increments (and a better price point) of 3 oz/color here, or buy it below in mixed bags. Becuase it is time consumming to package these mixed bags, we do not take pains to weigh out equal amounts of each color and so each bag has a total of 2 oz of fiber, but not necessarily equal amounts of each color make up that 2 oz!. The bags are totally random. Some bags have really small amounts of 6-8 colors and other bags (usually the holiday oriented or animal oriented colors) have only 3-4 colors, but more of each.

If you purchase a couple of bags we take care to be sure you are getting different colors, rather than duplicate colors.

Price: $11.50/bag





for will not necessarily be these 6 colors but it gives you an idea




Earth Tones

for will not necessarily be these 6 colors but you get the idea





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