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Dyed Wool Top

This corriedale wool from New Zealand felts well and is available in a variety of colors. It also is an easy wool to spin, so if you're looking for a wool that can serve both the spinners & felters in your life well, this is a great choice. I've used it for both traditional wet and needle felting techniques. Available in the following colors. Sold in 3 oz increments.

Price: $5.00/3 oz

Reading colors top row first and left to right:

grape jelly, jelly bean, blueberry pie, lagoon


marshmallow, purple, blue


Lime, green tea, green

spearmint, kiwi, beansprout


licorice, cookie

natural brown, natural white


raspberry, scarlet

pansy, magenta

lemon, cheesecake, yellow

orange, tangerine


plum duff, nutmeg

chili, chocolate