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12 Pronged Felting Tool

Dec 10th....Temporarily out of stock....they are on reorder and should be in shortly. As soon as they arrive, we'll make them available again.

This 12 needle felting tool has a substantial wooden handle that screws off easily to replace needles or to remove them if you want to just work with 1 or 6 or any number of needles less than or up to 12. The needles that it comes with are an exclusive manufacture that are not as fragile at the taper so they do not snap in two the way many others do. This is an especially important attribute when using a tool as these seem to put more stress and torque on the needles .I use the 12 pronged needle for large pieces and hats as it works up much more quickly than the 4 or 6 needle tool. The pillbox hat shown below was entirely done with this tool and it took 1 hour. The sunflower hat below I did in about 45 minutes with this tool and then (because I used very fine merino wool for this hat) did a quick 10 minute wet felting "finish" on it. I could have really used this 12 needle tool for the rug below...tho' much of this rug was wet felted, I used the 6 needle tool in its "finishing" and wished I'd had a more efficient tool like the 12 at the time. We also offer a 4 needle and 6 needle tool. Price: