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If you're looking for fibers to felt,we've got many, so check out the FIBERS index.

Below you'll find felting fabrics, partial felts (pre-felts to some), tools & accessories.

Addi-Quick Electric Needle Felting Tool




sets of all fine or all coarse

felting pen

felting tools...

needle felting pen - 3 needles

4-needle tool

6-needle tool

12-needle tool


Reverse Felting Needles


Needle Felting Mat

"Learn to" Felt Kits

includes both needle felting and wet felting kits

Ball Brauser



Marseille Olive Oil Block Soap


Wet Felt Rolling Kits &


in stock in the store...but we don't ship anymore


Glass Washboards

we don't ship these, but have them in the store

Flash Felters

Fiber Embellishments

Silk & otherwise

wool nepps,

reeled silk,

dyed hankies,

tussah top

bombyx, muga and eri top, etc....

dyed locks!

Fabric Paints

for silk paper and felt!



Online Felting Classes

Child's Felt Jacket Pattern


Silk Chiffon & Paj

Hand-dyed Yardage


Irridescent Silk Scarves & Shawls

White PreFelt Batts

white only, but it dyes easily as you can see above!



Dyed Partial Prefelts

24 colors!



superfine merino Dyed Partial Prefelts

15 colors...more coming soon