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KAP Wool

This very short stapled wool felts REALLY quickly and VERY densely.

The density it felts to makes it great for jewelry, beads, hats......I love it for the trivets. Nice uniform batts make for easy layout in the 100 gm quantity.

Offered in both 50 gm and 100 gm increments...we offer a bit of a price break in the 100 gm increments, but since we know some of the needle felters and those of you using this for smaller items prefer to purchase smaller increments, we are offering 50 gm (1.75 ounce) increments as well.

Price: $4.99/50 gm or $9.49/100gm


tangerine, orange, red

hot pink, magenta


licorice (black) and white available, not shown


purple, red-violet, magenta

light grey, pink


grey, bear, carob

hot pink, magenta,


this photo is so you can reference the 3 pinks!

french blue, turquoise, royal

lemon, gold, lime

kelly green






50 gm bags: $4.99


100 gm bags: $9.49