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Natural Locks

These locks have been washed, but are not dyed. I offer 3 breeds of sheep with particularly nice lock structure and length: Wenslydale, Teeswater and Border Leceister/Blue Faced Leceister locks.

The Border Leceister/Blue Faced Leceister locks are white and 4-5" in length.

The Wenslydale locks are much longer (9" - 11").

The Teeswater locks are between the other two: 6" - 8" length.

Each of these breeds produce locks are great as surface embellishement in wet felted pieces and also make great beards and hair for needle felted critters and dolls.

If you are interested in dyed locks, we have those as well.

BFL/BFL Cross Locks: $5.99/oz



Teeswater Locks: $6.99/oz


Wenslydale Locks: $10.99/bundle