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Dyed Reeled Silk

reeled silk baggie

This dyed reeled silk is a great embellishment felting, silk paper, and blending with wool to spin. Above right, a wad of reeled silk is shown on the bottom of the frame and a piece of felt into which the reeled silk is worked is shown at the top of the frame.

The second picture above shows another section of nuno-felt using the reeled silk as embellishment.

The third picture shows a bag of the reeled silk and the fourth reeled silk next to Banana silk (which is the larger diameter).

Reeled silk is now packed in bags that have many colors. We used to separate to sell individual colors, but, frankly it was an awful lot of work to do that so now the price per ounce is lower but you get a mixed bag. The colors vary from bag to bag and although each bag is different (some have lots of pink, others predominantly greens) it is impossible to categorize them for you online to order by color because each has such a wonderful mix of colors. So if you order more than 1 bag, we will try to choose packs that give you a range of colors and avoid getting 2 bags that are predominantly the same. Each bag has 4 ounces.

If you want just a single color and you want your silk to be more organized, try the new Silk Waterfalls.

Price: $9.00 per bag