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Silk Waterfall

This is a new packaging of silk that reminds me of a cascade or waterfall so that's what I'm calling it. Each "cascade" comes with each end of the silk strands woven into a band so that the strands stay together and relatively organized. It is 100% reeled silk, but unlike the Reeled Silk which comes many colors of jumbled strands to a bag, these are sold individually. Waterfalls are around 18" - 24" in length and when opened, as you see in the photo, they are about 40" wide.

You certainly can cut this up once you get it, but becuase it comes in this form it gives you options for much longer strands of silk than in the Reeled Silk bags and it comes in an alignment that might be interesting for some projects to use as a whole!

Some of the Cascades have 2 colors; most are single colors. If you want to get more specifics about color ranges, call us at 802-288-8081 10:30 - 4:30 EST. Otherwise, I've put a few of the solid colors that we have in abundance on line (we have other colors but in limited quantity so you should call about those).


Price: $5.00 per waterfall