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Short Stapled Merino Wool Felting Batts

These merino batts are nice and thick and uniform and they felt beautifully.....both wet and needle. I started stocking it primarily because the instructor we're having here next month (Renate Maille-Moskovitz) likes a short stapled merino for jewelry (be sure to check out the KAP wool for another short stapled meino option in a cheerful and bright palette). And since then, I've been expanding colors because it has been popular.

Because I am stocking it in anticipation of felters using small amounts of it, I have packaged it in 15 gm packets. However, as we were dividing the batts up and I realized how beautiful the batts are, I decided to keep some of the colors in 100 gm increments as well for those of you who might be felting larger pieces.


Price per 15 gms: $2.49

Price per 100 gms: $10.99


turquoise, pea, bronze, navy, royal

carob, jet, steel, gold

carob, bear brown

red, red-orange, burgundy

purple, pink



15 gm bags: $2.49



100 gm bags: $10.99