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I add a few here now and then. They are free, so I don't spend a lot of time crossing t's and dotting i's. Most of these I have done for myself and not intended to provide the pattern to people to begin with but customers have asked for them and so I have gone back and try to refigure what I did.

Mosaic Trivet


Moire Howl - its a hood and a cowl

Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky Cabled Hood

Eco Duo Cabled Headband

Icelandic Wristlets

Herringbone Headband

Just one skein of either Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Grande or Cascade's Baby Alpaca will make 2 of these. And you can wear this as either a cowl or a headband! Perfect for XMAS gifts.

Anklet Sock

I learned while visiting Estonia in May that this sort of sock is popular in Japan, so I worked up a pattern that gives you several options for patterning at the anklet. I had some Border Leceister (plus 20% nylon) spun up into a 3 ply sock yarn to make these (or other socks) wear really well. Someone online posted a note that she couldn't get them over her sure you cast on loosely and check your gauge!

Eco-Reversible Cable Scarf

Cables can make for a dense fabric....not what I like for a scarf....but using Eco-Wool Bulky on a larger needle with this pattern is great. One skein gives you enough yardage for a great size scarf's reversible, so when the scarf flips over you still get the same pattern on each side!

Mistake Rib Scarf

This is a simple "mistake rib" of many variations out there. It has been a popular and simple scarf pattern in the store....the texture is handsome and makes for a nice man's scarf. I love it in Lana d'Oro for a light weight scarf or in Sulka for a luxuriously soft and slightly heavier version.


Rasta Braided Cowl...this pattern is the result of first knitting up a Ravelry pattern that everyone was talking about (something lik Wham Bam Thank you Lamb?). But I didn't like it, so I ripped it out and knit it up again, but in stockinette stitch instead of the garter stitch it called for - I guess thinking that it would be less stiff and chunky. But I still didn't like it....just too plain for me I I ripped it out and knit this. It's still is after all a chunky gauge yarn....but at least in stockinette stitch it is a bit less stiff and adding the braid gave a little more interest ... well, for my taste anyway.


crochet cloche Crochet Sunhat - I wear sunglasses all the time but still need some sort of brim to shield the sun's glare when I'm out walking or working in the garden. Since I finally retired my most favorite golf visor last year and the straw hat I bought years ago on the Riviera, tho' adorable, just doesnt' have enough brim, I decided to make one with the Katia Paper (no longer available, but Euroflax Linen or Hemp would be good alternative) yarn. I had envisioned a wider and more dramatic brim, but wanted to keep it to one ball. That set me on a path of using a more open mesh stitch for the top and a larger hook. Then I switched to single crochet and a small hook to make the brim stiff so it could be manipulated to turn up or come down or go straight out....variety for each mood! This brim, tho' not as large with just 1 skein as I'd originally envisioned, turns out to be just right for me....enought to shield the glare and yet short enough that it can be turned up & out for differeent looks!



crochet paper bag Crochet Paper Bag-

Superbowl Beer Cozy

I had my hand slapped for including the Patriot's logo on this pattern a couple of years ago when I originally worked up the design! The Pat's had made the Superbowl and since many customers up here are Pat's fans, I thought I'd offer this free pattern so customers could have fun knitting up a bunch of these beer cozies for their Superbowl parties. But apparently, you can't use an NFL logo...even if you aren't using it commercially (I was offering it free). So I put the pattern in the circulating file.

But the other day when I was going thru my patterns I decided that the basic pattern, without the logo graph, is ok to use. In fact, it fits a bottle of beer's nice and snug so you get a good grip and it keeps both your hand warm and the beer cold!

So for those of you is a basic beer bottle could add your own fair isle design if you want.


toconao headband Toconao Twisted Stitch Headband- knit in Toconao merino yarn this headband has lots of natural spring and resilience so it has a nice snug fit even after stretching it out to put it over your head and take it off! A great way to keep your ears warm and not get hat hair...



Vintage Baby Set

Tilting Ladder Scarf

Triangles Scarf

Lace Buffalo

Quiviut Madeira

Blackberry Lace Pygora Scarf

Lacy Scarf