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Rasta Braided Cowl


Materials: 1 sk Rasta by Malabrigo

Needles: US 15



Cast on 18 sts.

Knit 1 row

Purl 1 row.

Knit first 6 sts. Turn, and working stockinette stitch, work 24 rows. Place these 6 sts on a holder, cut yarn and reattach and knit the next 6 sts. Repeat as for the first 6 sts. Now work the last 6 sts, also for 24 rows.

Braid the 3 rolled cords and now knit across all 18 sts to join back into 1 piece and work in stockinette stitch (yes the sides roll - if this bothers you, work the edge 3 or 4 sts on each side in garter stitch....I preferred the look and feel of the roll, myself).

When the piece is as long as you want for your neck size (keep in mind that the cast on edge is going to be sewn to the far edge (the left edge as you look at the bind off row) so it needs to overlap on the ends), bind off on a purl row, leaving a tail that is about 12" long.

Thread this tail thru a wool needle and, with right side facing you and the braid overlapping (and on top of) the bound off end of the cowl, stitch the cast on edge of the braid end to the far edge (not the bound off edge) of the bound off end of the cowl. Tack the side of the braid down in a couple of places to the bound off edge.