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Mar 24th...

What a cute little sweater for the newborn in your life.....Bliss Eco Prints Cotton...

New colors of Ultra Pima and the new Ultra Pima prints have arrived....

Bio-Sesia Organic Cotton arrived in 12 great colors....from fingering to dk gauge depending on needle size, stitch and project! How versatile and what a lovely soft hand and great buy....


Mar 17th...

Eco Baby Cotton Prints arrived last week...I added a few project ideas to the page to provide some inspiration!

23 gorgeous colors of Tussah Silk are in stock today....perfect for silk paper making, spinning and felting!

6 new colors of Findley d.k. silk/merino arrived. One of my favorite Juniper Moon yarns!

Mar 12...

new colors of Nube merino for felting and spinning arrived....

Debbie Bliss's new Eco Baby Prints arrived, along with some new colors of the solids. This is a lovely 100% organic cotton yarn that has fabulous pattern support too!

For those of you not quite ready to switch to summer knitting, 3 new colors each of the Moonshine Trios and the solid/heathery Moonshine alpaca/silk/wool blend by Juniper Moon arrived this week as well!

Finally got the shipment from the mill in Italy unpacked and settled in the store and part of it posted online!

15 new colors of pre/partial felts to design with - from a new mill - Arno River Pre/Partial Felts

10 new colors (43 existing) of the CC Wool to wet and needle felt...we put 1 bag each in the display (keeping stock in the back room) and still it is overflowing! We are also in the process of making up some mixed bags - 1 oz each of 4 colors!

15 gorgeous colors of tussah silk to spin, felt and make silk paper with!!

Afraid this will have to wait a week or so to make it to the requires a lot of unwinding and packaging!

Mar 2nd...

This poncho/capelet/shoulder wrap took just 3 sks (there maybe enough left of the second skein to knit either a hat or wristwarmers) of Noro's Cyochin. It is a quick knit and is a great "transitional weather" garment (yes, spring is coming!) to be worn in place of a shawl or sweater indoors, or as extra warmth for the shoulders over a coat in this extra frigid weather we've been having this winter.


Both these slouch hats take just 1 skein...the first variegated one shows Malabrigo's Arroyo (machine washable merino) and the second slouch hat features Juniper Moon's Herriot for a warm and cozy alpaca variation.


Feb 17th...

18 colors of Claudia Handpaint "Addiction" arrived at the end of last week. 100% merino wool. We used to stock Koigu, which is similar - same merino, same gauge....just handpainted by someone else - and the lots were so terribly different and the delays so long that we switched to Claudia many years ago.


Feb 10...

I posted an Open House Event for this coming Saturday afternoon (Feb 14th) if you want to stop by in the afternoon to see some demonstrations, samples and exhibits about wool, wool processing, or spinning. Check out the Events page for more information.

I'd still be knitting cowls, hats and wool sweaters if I didn't have the store because it's cold out and still will be for another couple of months (I love the snow and am happy to have it), but the spring yarns have been arriving so I shifted gears to start work on a few new spring models....So in case any of you are thinking ahead to spring and want to get a jump start.....

Phoenix Print arrived from Trendsetter...a lovely cotton viscose ribbon would make a lovely summer scarf/wrap or Tee.

Kibou, by Noro, was new last summer but I'm just knitting it up now! And apparently, I never got it on the website last summer so it is posted now! As a customer who bought some over the weekend said "it knits up so much nicer than I thought from the ball".

Feb 3rd...

Kenzie arrived last week and although I've been planning a cowl design specifically for this yarn since I ordered it back in November, I'm finishing up some other knitting projects first so my sister Joany took a skein home on Saturday and knit up these sweet fingerless mitts. Plenty of extra in the skein to make them longer or bigger (this is the small size and fits me just right :)). Both Carol and I this morning were commenting on what a nice hand/feel this yarn has. And such structure/integrity!

Kimera, an Egyptian cotton has arrived and is a great choice for baby garments, as shown here in some baby leggings.

Jan 27th...

Cyochin by Noro arrived. The same fiber content as the old Iro, but MUCH softer. Knits at the same gauge as Kureyon, but more subtle colors...and a bit tweedier too! My sister Joany came over this weekend and is knitting up this shoulder wrap for a store model in this new yarn...


Jan 20th...

This hat pattern is free with the purchase of Plymouth's Homestead 100% wool yarn. The pattern gives you a place to showcase a great button! Check out the Homestead page for more photos!

This has been a popular scarf model using 1 sk of Ella Rae Lace Merino

A new wool blend yarn arrived from Skacel....check out Kenzie!

New colors of Juniper Moon's Herriot arrived too!


Jan 6th....

New colors of Eco Highland and Eco Duo arrived just before XMAS and when I was updating the site today, I noticed some mistakes on that page, so I've updated the page with the correct prices as well as the photos of the 10 new colors of this INCREDIBLY soft and silky alpaca/merino blend yarn.

Some new colors of Cascade's Pacific wool/acrylic blend arrived before XMAS as well.....6 new colors of this very popular and soft machine washable yarn.

Some new colors of Cascade's Magnum big chunky 100% wool also arrived.


Dec 16th..

.Turtle and sheep tape measures are back in stock.....great stocking stuffers or gifts for your knitting buddies! I have a new respect for tortoises after seeing one on the news this morning flip his buddy at the zoo back over onto his feet! Not that I ever dis-respected tortoises before, its just that until I watched the little guy flip his friend over I hadn't thought about turtles having the brain capacity to recognize a friend was in trouble or have the skill set to figure out how to remedy the situation!

Uzu Stands are in stock...if your loved ones are asking you what you might like, here is a lovely knitting bag/stand to think about. It is elegant enough to sit in even a formal living room, if that is where you knit. And unlike a bag, which slouches over, this stands upright and open for easy access.

A couple of the Moonshine Trios that have been on order, have arrived. Same gorgeous hand and lovely fiber combo as the original.


Here's an idea for another cowl....not so chunky and quick as those featured last week, but colorful and a great way to use up your sock ends!

Dec 9th...

If you're looking for a few really quick last minute knitted gift ideas......these two cowls (Outlander and Magnum, left and middle) and the Zumie Hat are super quick!

I had tested this fiber (a blend that I'm calling Gotschaf) out last year making these slippers and loved how quickly and densely it felted and how easily it spun, so I ordered it in more colors and it is in stock today in 7 gorgeous rich and deep colors (the photo had a little too much light/flash on actuality, the colors are darker/deeper and not so bright as they seem on my monitor here)

I knit this double knit cowl up in Sulka and it is incredibly soft, cozy and warm. Not feeling up to trying double knitting on your own?....then join us for a class after the holidays and knit this cowl with some guidance.

And this cowl, like the pattern above, is reversible. But it is not double knit so a bit easier if the idea of double knitting is too much to take on without guidance. It is equally soft and luscious in Juniper Moon's Herriot Great!

Nov 25th..

.2 great new kits for kids to make felt ornaments!

Galway Chunky arrived in 8 colors.....great for an Outlander Cowl ... or if you need a quick XMAS Stocking I have a great XMAS green, red, white, black and charcoal!

Encore Mega in 5 new Colorspun versions arrived today...along with several new Colorspuns in worsted weight

Artfelt Pencil Roving...grab a bag of this and a drop spindle for a great XMAS gift for someone who wants to learn to spin.


Nov 22nd...

New ArtFelt kits....pillows and neck wraps now in the paper and pencil roving.

Heritage Prints.....not just for socks, but great for kids sweaters....this pattern is a free download.

These new Knit Blockers are in stock now.


Nov 19th...

We got a new shipment of shawl pins...they are not online, but at the store....a great gift idea for your knitting buddies. As are these cute tape measures - both sheep and turtles in stock!

Noro's new Silk Garden Solo....same great yarn as Silk Garden, but in solid colors is in and intense colors

For those of you who like to knit big and quick....I'm now stocking Cascade's Magnum 100% Peruvian wool in 11 colors

Herriot Great by Juniper Moon arrived as well.....oh so soft baby alpaca that knits quickly at 4 sts/inch US 10....perfect to knock off some holiday cowls!


Oct 30th....

Nube merino fiber, hand-painted, for felters and spinners!

Rasta by back in stock if you're looking for a nice thick and quick merino yarn in lovely colors to knit up.


Oct 24th....can't believe its been a month since my last update! More about all that in the newsletter next week.

For now:

These electric needle felting tools have been in development for a couple of years and they are finally available! Several customers have called in the last couple of months about they're here! Addi-Quicks Needle Felting Tool

Some interesting needle felting kits - Art Felt - arrived in several colors and for both felt scarves and cell phone/camera case sizes!

This 1 skein shawl (pattern from Icelandic Handknits) is knit using Misti Alpaca Lace.

Sept 22nd...

Knightsbridge (llama/wool/silk) by Fiber Co arrived in 6 heathery, soft and silky colors!

Sept 16th...

This slouch hat is knit in Acadia (Fiber Co). The yarn was a pleasure to work with and the little lace and cables make it an interesting knit. Their new yarn, Knightsbridge (picture right) , arrived last week, but I haven't had a chance to put it online...or knit with it yet....but here's a picture as a whistle wetter (still 3 colors backordered, I believe) for now.....soft and silky.

If you have a plain winter coat and want to spice it up with some fun blocks of color, this scarf pattern is a great option. It is no brainer easy, so if you have a lot of football games to sit thru this fall, you can keep your hands busy (garter stitch) and still have fun (pick 5 fun colors). I used Cascade 220 sport

This simple cowl has been a huge hit at the store and a few new colors of Misti Handpaint arrived, so now you have even more choices!

Sept 5th...

My Sideways Lace Glove (no double point needles needed!) pattern that I did up for the Vermont Yarn Club is now available for sale on Ravelry. It is a variation on a very old pattern that I first learned about 30 years ago, to which I added a cuff as well as a prety little lace pattern at the wrist and on the back of the hand. The store model has been kicking around here for a while and everyone who has tried it on, LOVES it. The fit is really nice (easy to make for shorter or longer fingers, if needed) because the garter stitch base has nice stretch in it!

OK...bear with me... this has nothing to do with yarn....but don't you LOVE this time of year?! Just before starting to update the site earlier I went out to the garden and picked fresh vegies and dug some new potatoes (thank goodness they are bigger...I've seen strings of pearls larger than the first potatoes I harvested!) and I sprinkled it with olive oil and salt and I stuck this in the oven to cook ....and now I'm enjoying it for lunch as I update the site! I was just so excited, I had to share! Shout out and thanks to knitter Pat Peek who so inspired me (and helped me) put in a raised bed (and was generous with her tomatoes before I had my own)

Joany knit up this hat (pattern from Malabrigo book we have here at the store) and using the new Swan Island Rambouillet/Alpaca yarn....great stitch definition and soft, too.

This cowl (pattern free with yarn purchase) was at the register this week so we could work on it between customers and it became quite the conversation....the intriguing stitch is EASY and the hand very nice....check out the Bloomin Colors here!


August 28th...

This shawl (Sundry pattern from Ravelry) was knit using Ella Rae Lace Merino....just 2 skeins and lots of interesting ways to wear it because of its unique shape!

\ New colors (the color of the shawl shown isn't one of them!) of Painted Desert merino arrived this week, along with a shawl from the importer showing a new free pattern available with the yarn purchase. Check out the page for new colors and a closeup of the delicate little lace pattern in the shawl.

This double knit hat is extra warm...not just because of the 2 layers (the inside looks just like the outside) but also because it is knit in a new merino-cashmere yarn, Cashmere Passion, I am now stocking. Just 2 sks knit even this man's size hat!

This is a closeup of a new free pattern for a cowl we have available - shown knit in Manos Maxima - that is simple to knit but with a twist on a basketweave that makes for an interesting fabric.

August 19th...

Misti Alpaca Lace

Misti Alpaca Chunky Cowl

July 22nd...

As those of you who follow the store on Facebook, or who have been into the store know, I lost my constant companion and official store greeter of 17+ years on Friday. I will miss her dearly, but take comfort in knowing she had a fabulous and long life with daily swims, lots of fetching and hiking, belly rubs, ear scratches, adventures, and tons of love. AND.... treats many of you could attest to the veracity of her nose scouting out the biscuit crumbs that lurked in your pockets! Thanks to so many customers who were so generous sharing biscuits with her!

And thank you for the many notes and condolences I've received and the many happy recollections of Chloe you've shared with me - they have been truly appreciated.

Here are a few updates. I know I'm missing something. Maybe I'll remember it by next week!

I managed to get a bit more dyeing done early last week.....Gems Merino Sport in 13 vibrant and saturated colors is available again.

And there are lots of freshly dyed silk mawattas (hankies) and caps too!

This simple cowl is knit in Hi-Koo, one of the Simpli Natural yarns that is a luscious alpaca/silk blend in gorgeous neutrals and some very intense dyed colors.

I am now stocking the Ashford Blending Board. I LOVE Love love to blend fibers on my drum carders - for both felting and spinning. This offers a less expensive way to play with colors and blending fibers if you're not quite sure you want to invest in a drum carder.

July 15th...

Oops...missed a week! I've been dyeing .... got the rest of the VT Border Leceister dyed up into a couple of colors that were sold out and I finished off the last of the NFAC Fingering Merino shown above (boo-hoo! this has been such a great yarn to work with and a great price....the replacement yarn is going to be a couple dollars more per skein, so just a heads up to nab this now while you can if you're one of this yarns dye-hard fans!).

Two new tools arrived last week for spinners.....the ABLK (Anything But Lazy Kate) and the WPI (wraps per inch) Tool. Both must have tools for spinners. If you're a wannabe spinner, be sure to check out our classes page as I've just posted the dates for the fall Learn to Spin class!

And, Ooooh! This Red Eri Silk just gorgeous (this is undyed). Sold in 1 oz increments, like the regular Eri Silk and the Muga Silk Here's a pic showing it squished between the tan colored Muga and the white Eri:


This cute and simple lace cardi takes just 3 sks of Toria (or for if you want it in solid, you could use 3 sks of Bliss Angel or if you want it kettle dyed but not variegated like the Toria, you could use 3 sks of Kid Gloss too!). No matter how you approach it, its simple to knit, a lovely pattern, can be worn several ways (check out Toria page for more photos), is lightweight and really inexpensive (even if you splurge on one of the gorgeous silk blend colors of Bliss's Angel, it only costs $45 to knit).

July 2nd....

Happy Fourth everyone!

This cowl uses 1 skein of the new Zumie (supersoft wool/acrylic chunky) or 1.5 sks of Lana Grande 100% wool. I used the Lana Grande since I had these sks left from a different project. A quick and mindless knit I took to Lake Sebago last week....done over 2 cups of coffee watching the sun rise in the morning and 1 gin & tonic watching it set (swimming, reading and working on Sally Melville's L'envelope using Maxima in between!).

A small batch of locks drying out back from a couple of weeks ago, when I washed and dyed about 25 pounds of locks. Great for needle and wet felting....and rug hooking...these are locks from BFLs, Leicester lustrous and with great curl! It's best if you can come in and pick them yourself since I dyed so many colors and there are so many rich variations in each batch...I can't really photograph them all for the website. If you're not local and want to order, you can order on line by general hue...or you can call and describe what you're looking for.

June 25th.....

This fun and festive chunky gauge acrylic/wool blend, Zumie, comes in some fashionable pattern for a 1 skein cowl on the label!

Putting up the Zumie made me realize that I never let you know that Encore Mega is back in stock.....another 2 st/inch like made it onto the shelves here, but I never got it uploaded until today!


June 17th...

Swan Island introduced a new color earlier this spring and we posted it on Facebook when it arrived, but I just realized this morning that I hadn't updated the web to reflect it! It's called Black Cherry.......both fingering and worsted are in stock!

My sister Joan knit up the Twin Leaf pattern using Meadow by The Fiber Co. and dropped it off this weekend when she was in town.....great hand and elegant look! Lightweight and knit in garter a great summer project .

Between customers the last few months, Chris (and Carol knit a few rows too) knit this shoulder wrap (can also be worn as a cowl) using just 2 sks of Malabrigo Meche!

June 12th...

My niece designed a couple new needle felting kits.....a sweet sheep and a new fiery dragon!


June 5th...

Kid Gloss, Plymouth's latest laceweight kid mohair and silk yarn, is available in 12 kettle dyed colorways.

Homestead, 100% wool, by Plymouth offers a similar ply and "style" as the popular Eco Wool Bulky by Cascade, but at a finer gauge of 4-4.5 sts/inch. Like Eco-Wool Bulky, this is a great value yarn, too!


May 29th.....

This lovely and light scarf took just 2 sks of Sublime Lace merino. It was chilly in here the other day and was the perfect thing to put on over my shoulders to keep the cold off my neck.

Rylie by Hi-Koo arrived. Well, just 2 colors, but they are gorgeous! Driftwood and Pearl. Gorgeous linen and silk blend....a bit heavier (sport) than the Meadow I posted on line last week.

May 22nd...

Meadow, by the Fiber Co., isn't exactly new but I'm a few weeks behind getting some things on the website! I've already reordered several colors of this yarn and a popular shawl pattern for it and am only now getting it posted. Lovely merino/llama/silk/linen laceweight with gorgeous drape in 10 great colors.

Juniper Moon's Findley dk arrived about a month ago and I finished the store model last week (pattern from the latest KnitScene magazine). Gorgeous drape and hand....a "must knit with"!

May 6th....

Odin is not exactly new.....I've had it in the store since late winter but only got it online this week so I thought I'd use it as a way of featuring/introducing the Viking Line of yarns. Each of the 3 Viking yarns I am stocking have long repeats of color and are all machine they've been really popular for kids knits. Nordlys (which is the only one which is NOT 100% wool since it has 25% nylon added in case you want to knit socks) is a fingering 7 sts/inch yarn that has been popular for gloves, wristlets and shawls and Balder is a bulky gauge yarn that has been popular for cowls and sweaters for kids. And the US distributor has lots of free patterns for all these yarns...lots of great accessories. So be sure to check them out if you've got kids to knit for as they are machine washable and very soft!

May 1st....

A few more colors of Juniper Moon's Moonshine alpaca/merino/silk blend arrived. It is so incredibly soft and silky, well, its just delicious to knit with. Great yardage, so if you're looking for a little project to take on the drive to Maryland Sheep and Wool pick up a skein for a lovely cowl or scarf!

And don't forget that our First Friday Clearance Bin is open in the back workshop tomorrow (Friday May 2nd) from 10 - 5. Great discounts of some beautiful yarns.


Apr 22nd....where did the month go?

So I usually update weekly, but this month has been crazy between workshops and computer issues for which hours upon hours struggling on the phone with tech support in India has still not resolved.

But the weather this weekend was great so I stepped back and away from it all for the last 2 days and enjoyed some gardening, reading, and catching up with a niece who was visiting from out of town. Which meant that today I had the strength to face the computer again and update the website before another 10 hours on the phone with tech support does me in!

So a few new things have arrived since the last update.....

Findley d.k. merino-silk by Juniper Moon....gorgeous hand!

4 more colors of the Zooey Linen by Juniper Moon finally came in - and 2 more have shipped, so we're now at 8 and soon to be 10.

Moonshine alpaca/merino/silk by Juniper Moon is also in stock. Absolutely divine.


We have 5 new colors of pre/partial felts for you felters.....

And the light pink Kap wool that was out of stock is back in stock and we added a light grey to the mix of this popular felter.

And, finally.......this next product isn't online, but if you're a felter (wet or needle) & local you've got to come in and check out my new CC Wool .....46 fabulous colors that I've also got packed in 4 colors/bag.



Mar 25th...

Manos Maxima arrived....some fun new neons AND some lovely neutrals. More on the way.

Mar 18th....

If someone who joined us for the Felter's Meet & Greet this past Saturday is missing something that they left behind....we have it here safe and sound! Give us a call - 802-288-8081

Spring is anticipation, we planted some knitted and some felted flowers in the window boxes out front. Just a bit of whimsey and color for the store front! We ran out of steam after about 16 of them (so little time and so many things to spin and felt and knit!) so we didn't get close to the 50+ flowers I felted a few years back for the boxes, but it's enough to see us thru until we can actually put live plants out!

A few new summer yarns arrived this week.....

Debbie Bliss's new cotton-wool blend arrived - Mia - in 16 lovely colors.

Another new color of the Juniper Moon Zooey linen-cotton arrived. This is what most might call "oatmeal".....white with flecks of natural linen color.


Mar 8th....

Hand-dyed Teeswater top arrived at the end of last week. Eight great new colorways to start with. This breed of sheep produces a long and lustrous fiber....think Wenslydale...that is lovely to spin.

A bunch of new colors of the Blue Faced Leceister top we stock have arrived. Lovely to spin and great for felting too!

And in the same shipment, new colors of the luxury blend Opulence (alpaca, silk, merino, etc) arrived. Gorgeous felting and spinning!

For you felters who like to use the merino top for nuno felting, this superfine merino has arrived and is available in 8 new heathery tones.....19 micron (the usual merino top I stock in 45 colors is 21.5 micron). Some lovely new shades!

A big shipment of Malabrigo Meche arrived last week. Several new colors are in stock, as well as a restock of existing.


FEb 25th....

Just in time for St. Patrick's day....two new colors of short stapled merino KAP wool arrived and one of them is a great shamrock/kelly green! The other is a a restock of the other 16 or so colors.

And some gorgeous new colors of Ultra Pima


Feb 18th...

I I missed the update last week due to some ftp errors I still don't understand but seem to have fixed!

Still, I'm behind so haven't gotten everything updated yet. Here are a few things:

A few new colors of Cascade's superwash sport yarn have arrived


've finally updated the photos/colors for the short stapled merino


Feb 5th....

We've got some new patterns in stock....some individual leaflets by Juniper Moon for the Herriot and several new Knit-Bot patterns.

Plus, the latest Sublime yarn has arrived: Sublime Extrafine Lace Merino!

Available in some lovely neutrals as well as these neon/brights which seem to be making a big splash this season!

For felters.....

I just got about 35 pounds of fiber back from the mill, including these lovely grey felting batts. Light grey, primarily Cotswold, quick felting (Carol felted up a sample on Thursday and said it was quick and easy) and to a dense and solid I think it would be great for boots, hats, vessels, rugs. We have them packed in 8 oz and 1 pound sheets (the 1 pound sheets are a table and a half wide and about 3/4-7/8 of a table in we tried to keep them large enough for those who might want to use them for rugs).

And for spinners.....these 3 gorgeous rovings!

Vermont BFL & Kid Mohair-lustrous and soft and creamy white!

Two heathery, mostly Corriedale, blends.

Jan 28th...

A couple new spring-time colors arrived in the Swan Island: Coral in the worsted and Early Thyme in the fingering

II finished the Taiyo Sport model.....I really enjoyed knitting it and hope some niece will enjoy wearing it at some point since it is too small for me.....but I used on ly 2 sks and it is a 39" chest.

Some new colors of the KAP wool arrived....great felting fiber

Jan 20th...finally getting restocked after the holiday rush.....3 big boxes of Lambs Pride worsted arrived late yesterday, what little Malabrigo was available to order (next shipment from SA expected in a few weeks) arrived, the Ball Brausers finally arrived in a much beaten up box that looked like it had gone around the world several times over (!), new Turbo circ order is on its way, etc.....

A simple knit you can work on thru the Superbowl and/or Olympics and still watch and enjoy the sports! This versatile cape, knit in Columbia by Imperial Ranch, fits great and can be worn so many ways! Buy 4 sks for this project and I'll buy the pattern for you!

I worked up a new pattern for the Misti Alpaca....just 1 skein does this hat. I chose a stitch that gives the alpaca some structure so it works well for a hat. Pattern free with the purchase of a skein.

New yarn from Noro: Taiyo Sport.....I'm almost finished with a summer top in it and really enjoyed knitting with this cotton blend yarn - 5.5 sts/inch.

Jan 8th....


Acadia by The Fiber Company also arrived in 9 or 10 colors....lovely hand and almost an irridescence to the colors!


And based on the popularity of Painted Desert, I have added 6 more colors to the line.

Bliss BFL - four new colors in stock....and somehow I'm only just realizing this yarn is machine washable!

Dec 2nd....

I now have available a pattern for an adorable Child's Felt Jacket.


Be sure to check out some photos of samples done in this past weekends Layered Resist Dye workshop with Linda Van Alstyne.

Mecha by Malabrigo features the usual that knitters love about this brand....softness and the gorgeous colors. But unlike the other singles Malabrigo, this one seems to wear better (less pilling).

Cascade Sport Superwash is now in stock....we've had the non-superwash for a while and just recently added Cascades Aran Superwash, so this last addition to that line rounds it out nicely: now we have superwash in 6, 5.5, 5, 4 and 3.5 sts/inch and a non-superwash Cascade yarns for 5 , 4 and 3.5 sts/inch, plus their Heritage sock yarn

Oct 24th....

Swan Island alpaca/merino is now available in seasmoke (grey) and natural (as shown knit here in this sweet pullover)


Juniper Moon Herriot is now available in heathers....same lovely hand and some great leaflet pattern support on its way


Oct 17th...


Superfine Merino - hand dyed colorways great for felting or spinning.

Blocking wires and matt...if you do a lot of lace/shawl knitting, you'll want to invest in these!

Sept 26th..

Eight great new colors arrived in a new brand of needle felt / partial felt fabrics I'm stocking. And we used this opportunity to introduce some new sizes.....some small pieces for those of you who want a range of colors to play with for embellishment without breaking the bank!

Sept 17th....a few new project ideas & some new inventory to share

Using Plymouth's Superwash Merino, this hat (pattern free with yarn purchase) takes just 1 sk.

This cowl (pattern free with yarn purchase) was knit using less than 1/2 skein of Mink.... Wow...for just $11 you can wrap a friend or family member in a mink cowl!

This fair isle hat is knit using Juniper Moon's Herriot alpaca.

And with 7 skeins you can also knit this cowl, 2 more hats and a pair of mittens...bringing the cost per item down to the $23-$28 range!

3 sks of Baby Alpaca Grande were used to knit this lovely cowl (wear it 3 ways) using a pattern from the new Scarf Style 2 book.

This fingering weight Swan Island scarf pattern is a simple knit that is totally reversible.


Both merino and BFL with nylon are in stock for those of you spinners wanting to spin for socks.

15.5 micron merino - a bit of dyed left after Dagmar's class and lots of white available (until I get another chance to get back to the dyepot!)

Ball Brausers are in stock ...


Sept 2nd....

Cascade Aran superwash just arrived. This is a new line addition Cascade introduced for this fall and we're stocking 15 colors. Featuring 138 yards, it knits at 4 sts/inch and provides a great 100% wool option for those garments you want machine washable. And although I haven't had a chance to update the web to reflect this....a bunch of new colors of regular 220, 220 superwash and 128 arrived. Oh, and Heritage sock as well!

Aug 15th...

This sweet little hat (pattern called "Erin") is quick to knit. From 1 skein of the new Swans Island organic, naturally dyed merino, you can knit 2 of these. And you can vary the design a bit by choosing different increases - here I chose to use a YO in place of the M1 because I wanted the eyelet to accentuate the migrating ridge of stitches. For a different look on the second hat, work a ribbed edge, use the M1 and instead of truncating the "stem" at the top of the hat as shown, you could eliminate it completely or you could knit it longer and tie it into a knot. This was lovely yarn to knit with.


Six lively new colors of Debbie Bliss's Rialto dk arrived too.

July 30th...

Misti Alpaca Chunky arrived yesterday

Karbonz interchangeable needles arrived last week

Swan Island Organic merino - naturally dyed colors - is here too! Great pattern support.


July 27th...

Several new yarns arrived this past week which are supported by great patterns! Imperial Ranch's Columbia yarn arrived in 2 different weights (fingering and worsted) & is supported by the Circles Hat and Essential Sweater Dress patterns shown above, as well asl several other great patterns that I don't have room to share here. This lovely yarn, spun in Idaho from the wool of the Columbia breed of sheep raised right there on the ranch, gently processed and dyed, is soft and available in 12 beautiful colors.

June 25th....


Some new reds, greens, greys and off whites of Silky Wool arrived too! Great yarn for summer knitting!



How cute are these little guys? If you need to knit for an upcoming baby shower, I've "kitted" a skein of Indulgence d.k. weight self patterning sock yarn (so so soft!) with one of these patterns to make it really simple for you to knock off something special for every baby in your life.


April 30th....

While on vacation, I took a new yarn we're stocking - raised, dyed & spun in the US - to knit up. It is Columbia wool. I started off knitting a simple garter stitch, top down shawl but got so bored with it on our trip to Iceland that on the plane home I started adding a lace pattern to it. And just to do something a little different, last night I used a crochet bind off to add loops to the edge... similar to what I saw on some shawls in Iceland. In this photo,the shawlette is still blocking, so check back to see it on a manneguin. This prototype is a nice size (even tho' you'd have enough yarn in the skein to knit it half again as large since I had almost a half skein leftover when I finished this model) and stays around the neck nicely. Although it was warm enough out I didn't need it, I wore it around my neck/shoulders last night walking Chloe just to see how it "fit" and it was perfect for a little something around the neck, but since there was quite a bit of yarn left over, you could easily make the shawl larger (this one measures 16.5 inches deep at the V).

New colors of Lavold's Hempathy have arrived for colors great for a summer cap sleeved top or tank....quick knits, great drape, machine washable.

April 3rd...

Vermont Shetland.....just back from the mill.....I'm really pleased with this was challenging to get the range of colors and it came out with a gorgeous hand, nice luster and great color range if you're interested in doing some fair isle knitting in all natural colors. Help me choose a pattern for the store model and you could win some naturally dyed Vermont merino!

Neysa knit this shawl using 2 sks of the 100% Mink we have in the is so lightweight, cozy, drapey (sp? - or is this even a word?!) and oh so soft. She used a Fiber Trends pattern we have here at the store for which there is a "scarf" option too, that would only take 1 sk.