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15.5 micron merino

This very fine merino is as fine as much of the cashmere that is available! Easy to dye and great for both spinning and felting!

Wonderful for fine felting into silk (nuno) for lovely garments or for felting hats or bags in a more traditional manner. It spins beautifully too.

For reference for those of you not familiar with the micron system.....most commercially available merino top is in the 21 micron range. The lower the number, the finer and softer it is. The mongolian cashmere on the market is in the 11-15 micron range.

Price Undyed: $6.99/oz.

Price for the hand-dyed: $9.99/oz

Reading top to bottom and left photo first:

turquoise,marine, granny smith, evergreen,teak

wheat, russet, pumpkin, cabernet, plum

Buy Undyed: $6.99/ounce:

Buy Hand dyed: $9.99/ounce: