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Anything But Lazy Kate-

Recently reviewed in Ply magazine, this portable and tensioned lazy kate was deemed worth the investment by the 3 reviewers.

Nicely crafted of solid wood, this lazy kate offers you some nice options. Use a yarn guide for each bobbin or combine them thru 1 guide; tension your strands as you ply by adjusting the tilt of the bobbins, by changing the angle of the yarn guide for more/less friction, or, use the more typical adjustable cord tension. Tension all bobbins the same....or adjust each bobbin's tension differently if you are constructing some novelty yarns.

Generous spacing between bobbin posts allows for any size bobbin to fit, so whether you spin on an antique Quebec wheel or a Vermont Wheel like me and have small bobbins or you use bigger bobbins such as from Louet, you'll be good to go with this Lazy Kate!

Easy to assemble and all the parts (yarn guides, bobbin posts, tension cord) store in this solidly built wooden box for a neat and portable tool.

Price: $145.00