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Artfelt Pencil Roving

So easy to spin.....this pencil roving is perfect if you are just starting out on a drop spindle.

And it is great for felting too! In fact, it is the pencil roving packaged in the Artfelt kits.

For another Pencil Roving in solid colors, check out the Columbia.

The photo in the upper right corner shows all the colors, but since the resolution wasn't great (tho' if you click on it to enlarge you can see the colors better), I took closer up photos of each color and these photos are in the other 3 boxes of the table. You'll notice that I missed 2 colors (carribean and orange) when I shot the closeups, but you can see these pretty well in the big photo.

50 gm/bag

Price: $11.99/bag


green, blue, gray/black

gray/black, reds, green, orange, blue

carribean, autumn, tundra, lime & licorice, sunset


you'll need to click on the photo for a better view of the colors





tundra, lime & licorice, forest glen

sunset, reds, autumn