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Bricolage Art Batts-one of a kind.

These batts are perfectly fun little projects! So if you are new to spinning and are looking for some small projects that will be satisfying, simple and won't take you a year to complete, these are great options. Or, if you're a seasoned spinner either in between bigger projects or feeling a little tired of that 8 pound grey fleece you bought and have been working on all winter and are in need or some color, these for a quick pick me up! And if you're just getting back to spinning and need a jump start, these are great too.

Each batt is unique in color, fiber and embellishments. Each batt is 3.5 ounces....perfect for a hat, wristlets, cowl. I wasn't going to put these online since it's impossible to show them's really best if you can stop by and pick out your own....but if you want, I indicated below the photos an idea of what might ship if you ordered by the "main colors" I offer here.

Price per batt: $28

Here are some wrapped/corespun yarns from batts like these...


To give you an idea of how colors....on the photos on the top row,reading top row first and then bottom row in the left photo:

multi light, pink, pastel, tangerine

blue, green, multi dark, brown

The photo on the top row, right is a closeup of the one I called tangerine.

Photos on the bottom row, reading top row first and left to right:

khaki, forest, multi,

blue, red, green/black

These are just "for examples"....since each one is unique and we have many more in stock than I have pictured here, it is best to come in. But if you live far away and want to call and have someone "talk you thru the color options" we are here 10 - 5 802-288-8081


As of 2/15/15 we are out of color "blue" although we have several that we call "green-blue" that are predominantly green but have a lot of blue in them.

We are also short on the "reds".