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Hand-Dyed Merino Tencel

This lovely 50% tencel and 50% merino wool top is available in 16 fabulous hand-dyed colors. Perfect for spinning or felting, it is soft and lustrous. Like it's merino-bombyx and merino-bamboo cousins, a 2 oz hank goes a long way when used as an accent in felting. Both the other variations are more "blended" and not quite as shiny as the tencel and they are available in different colors than you see here. So between them, you should find something to suit this felting or spinning project!

One hank by itself will spin into a gorgeous laceweight for a special scarf.

Price: $16.50 per 2 oz hank for the dyed colors



bubblegum, oilcan, crocus, hydrangea, moss

merino tencel colors

tapestry, ambrosia, dove, mary's bouquet, buckskin, fall colors, acorn