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Merino Sparkle

This hand dyed merino has just the slightest hint of rayon blended so whether you felt it or spin it, your end product will catch ever so slight a glimmer of light (which you can't tell from the photo unless you click on it to enlarge)! The first photo shows 2 skeins....the left one spun keeping the colors separate as it was plied and the right hand skein is plied without keeping the colors separate. You can see their respective swatches in the photo, right. The skein spun to preserve the color sequences, as expected, looks bolder knit up (left hand skein and swatch) whereas the skein spun and plied with no regard or attention to how the colors developed, is more muted and tweedier (skein and swatch, right).

The point a spinner, you can control how the colors in a handpainted roving work up!!

Samples shown below are of colorway "cathedral".

4 oz/hank $ 19.99

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atlantis, breeze, chocolate cherry, hespera

tapestry, spilled ink, cathedral, stained glass