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Nube Handpaint Merino

This very fine merino is beautifully hand-painted . AS with most commercial goods in post-covid America, there are delays in shipping this fiber to me and all colors are not available each shipment.

So I've updated the colors to reflect what we have in stock today 10/26/21. So despite being out of 6 of the colors, that still leaves 15 gorgeous colors in stock today and ready to ship!!!

Each hank has 4 oz....plenty to spin up fine for a lovely shawl or infinity scarf or to spin heavier for a lovely pair of wrist warmers or a hat!

Or if you're a felter.....great colors to felt soft wearables and nuno garments.

The scarf shown below was spun by BJ - she spun a singles of Nube so the colors remain very clear and distinct. And then knit the scarf alternating stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch to mimic the biasing you'd also get if you alternated spinning S and Z yarns! Since the yarn biases, by alternating directions (stockinette and reverse stockinette as you can see in the close up photo) she achieved a zig zag edging to the overall scarf.

Price: 14.99

Nube Handpaint Merino


Hojas, Solis, English Rose, Diana, Arco, Zarzamora (NA)

NA= Not Available


arco , mostaza (NA), cereza, candombe (NA), zarzamora (NA), indecita


azules, pocion, piedras, sunset (NA), pink(NA), cereza


mostaza (NA), glitter, plomo, lavanda (NA)


indicetia, hojas, azules, whales road, candombe (NA)


NA = not available