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Vermont Wheels

Treat yourself to an heirloom that spins like good chocolate melts in your mouth!

After a sell out at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and New Hampshire Sheep & Wool this year (2010), wheelwright Patrick Russo announced his retirement from making these wheels.

When word began to trickle out that I had the only 1 left for sale, I immediately got a call to hold one of them, but the other is still available.

So if you've been thinking about one of these wheels for a while, this is your last chance to nab one.


This wheel was made here in Vermont with special care and attention by wheelwright Patrick Russo. Beautiful to look at and a joy to spin on!

Only a limited number were ever made each year. This wheel i s $950 and is crafted of cherry. It comes with three bobbins and has 2 ratios: 12:1 and 18 :1. Fashioned after the Canadian tilt-tension wheels of the last century, this wheel has a 27" wheel diameter and beautifully lathed spokes. A special piece of furniture as well as a fine wheel to spin on. Be sure to click on each photo for a closer look at the fine workmanship and artistry in the wheel. These really can't be shipped so you'll have to come to the shop to see them, try them out and buy one. I also have matching cherry caddies available that hold oil, extra bobbins, and which you can use as a lazy kate when plying. These caddies are $90 and are made of the same beautiful cherry wood.