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Claudia Handpaints - on clearance while supply lasts.

This 100% merino wool yarn, like Koigu, is popular for shawls, stoles and scarves. And for those of you who enjoy knitting at a fingering gauge (7 sts/inch) it makes a great sweater too.

The hat (1 sk) and kimono style jacket shown below (14-16 sks) illustrate how it knits up in mitered squares.

It also looks great in a slip stitch pattern and using 2 different colors.

180 yds. $14.50/ball Now 50% off or $7.25/hank


Claudia Handpaints

Claudia Handpaints

ink, deep blue, ocean, ganesha, ingrid, bayou, charlotte, persimmon, desert

Claudia Handpaints

crocus, violet, plumicious, choccherry, cabin fever, mudslide, cornucopia


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