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Colinton Mohair

If all you've ever knit with before is "brushed" mohair (the form most available commercially) then you are in for a treat with this mohair from Australia.

It is not "brushed" and is long and lustrous and silky and soft!

And hand-dyed to a lovely palette of jewel tones, pastels and some variegateds!

Each 50 gm sks has 225 yards in it. A free pattern for the 1 skein shawl shown below is sent with each order. There are beads added along the bottom perimeter of the shawl - you could omit those if you prefer. If you're concerned about adding beads to the edge with a crochet hook, stop by and I'll show you how. It's really easy

Price: $38.00/sk.


2 sks of each of 6 colors are shown:

ocean, night sky, cabernet, sunset, adobe, desert


jewel tones

violet, lapis, fir,peridot, spice, ruby, amethyst




amber, fog, ink, aster, rose