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Katia Cotton - Merino

This 70% pima cotton and 30% machine yarn has a bit of a "halo" or "brushed" surface for a coziness that one would love to wear on a cold day....but with 70% cotton content, it will not overheat those of us who may not need the full insulation of 100% wool.

And the difference in the fibers gives the yarn a bit of a "dressy" look to it. So for a sweater that you could dress up or knock about in, this yarn should be up there on your short list!

It is recommended knit at 4-5 sts/inch on a US 7 or 8 and each skein features 115 yards. I was swatching this yarn the other night -see below - I started on US 7 in garter stitch for bottom 6 rows (3 ridges) and then moved up to a US 9. Over garter stitch, I was getting 3.3 sts/inch and over stockinette stitch on US 9 I was getting 4.25/inch

I have several of the Katia Concept pattern books that feature designs for this yarn (as well as other yarns).These great pattern books retail for $15, but when you purchase the Cotton Merino yarn to knit one of the sweater models, the book is yours free. Shown below are a couple of the sweater patternsfor this yarn in the latest Concept book.

Price per skein: $9.99

Katia Cotton - Merino

108, 115,
51, 52

57, 50,
56, 53

  100 , 106  104, 118

100 , 106,
104, 118

122, 58,
55, 59 (black)