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Katia Kid Mohair

This kid mohair yarn is soft and lovely and offers 50 color options!

It's hard to believe that each tube packs a whopping 215 yds, but they do.

1 sk each of 5 colors does the long scarf shown below. And the sweater shown in the last photo can be done with 1 tube each of 7 colors for up to a 44" chest - for the 4 sizes offered above 44", you need to buy 2 sks of each color for the sweater. The pattern book with both the scarf and sweater is free when you purchase 5+ tubes.

Betsy stopped by this week to show her work in progress and I wish I'd snapped a photo of it - fun, festive colors that you just want to eat! But here's another idea for a great project in this yarn. The design is by Mags Kandis and the pattern is offered free by Interweave right now. It takes 9 tubes (each a different color). This will be fun to pick out....and when you do, I'll give you the 9th tube for free (in the shop you;ll just pay for 8 - online when you purchase 9 tubes each of a different color, I'll refund you for one of them). Here's a link to the pattern:

Price per cone: $10.99

Katia Kid Mohair

reading top shelf first and left to right:

colors 1 - 10

colors 11-20

colors 21-30

colors 31-40

colors 41-50


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