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Caprino is the newest yarn from Malabrigo (1/2020).

It is an 80% superfine merino and 20% cashmere blend in the same beautiful colors Malabrigo is known for. I just finished knitting this super simple headband and I LOVED how it felt in my hands!

This headband pattern is free and it is wide enough that you can also wear it as a "single" cowl. But if you don't want it wide enough to use as a cowl, then you could make 2 narrower headbands from just 1 skein. Highly recommend for isolation busting - you'll have no trouble following the pattern even if you are distracted AND its quick so you'll get immediate gratification.

164 yards/skein

It is recommended knit at 6 sts/inch - but they call it a d.k., which is usually 5.5 sts/inch. So take your pick!

Price per skein: $18.00/sk.


teal, matisse, whales rd, anniversario

cereza, english rose

diana, frank ochre, lettuce, indecita