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Lace Weight Yarns

Misti Handpaint Alpaca Lace

This lovely lace weight alpaca features a whopping 874 yards per skein and has a lovely drape.

So soft and is heavenly in the hands. I wound a skein of color 29....then my sister was here and offering to knit up a store model so I packed it up with the book Icelandic Handknits so she could knit a shawl from that book that I really liked.

It took just 1 skein of this alpaca lace for a lovely shawl that is quite wide and long enough to wrap around and hook with a shawl pin. It is wide enough you could actually eliminate 1 full repeat of the pattern and still have a generously wide shawl and that would give you even more to make it longer in case you are of tall stature.

Price: $24.99


10, 8, 21, 48, 29