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Natur, Naturally Dyed Wool

Both Chris and I got excited about this yarn when it arrived! It has such a lovely twist that it will be really great for stitch definition.

Thinking of cables or travelling stitches for a hat, cowl, wristlets or mittens? This is the yarn to use! As you can see in the hat and fingerless mitts in the sidebar - the stitch definition is fabulous. Just one skein make a pair of fingerless mitts and this hat - and there was still 1/3 or the skein left!!! So you could either make another hat - WOW - 2 hats and a pair of fingerless mitts! Or you could make the mitts longer at the wrist or fingers - so you have options with just 1 skein.

Naturally dyed, this yarn is available in 4 lovely colors.

For other naturally dyed (using plants and berries, wood chips/sawdust, etc), check out Arborea and my very own Silky Yak.

Each skein features 450 yards and it is recommended knit at 6 sts/inch.

Price per skein: $29.99

Natur, Naturally Dyed Wool


acron, pistachio, cinnamon, indigo


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Enlarge sample