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This chunky gauge (2-2.5 sts/inch on a US 15 - 17) 98% wool yarn is lovely and lightweight despite its large gauge. That's because it is a "chainette" construction - which also means it is warm, cozy, and insulating!

For reference, another popular 2 sts/inch yarn is Rasta by Malabrigo. Rasta is 150 gm skein and has only 90 yards vs. Ushya 100 gm skein having 114 yds. I'm not knocking Rasta here! Rasta is a gloriously kettle dyed and very popular chunky knit - I'm just trying to point out a difference for you to think about besides the obvious color differences (kettle dyed Rasta vs. heathery Ushya).

Rasta will be denser and heavier compared to Ushya knit at the same 2 st/inch gauge.

The two cowls shown laying flat below are both free patterns I worked up for these chunky knits and I'll send them free with the purchase of a skein.

Each 100 gm skein has 114 yards.

Price per skein: $21.99


rosewood, brick, hollyhock

cream, light grey, charcoal



teal, blue, cornflower, lichen, goldenrod

Paqu Pura