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NFAC Kettle Dyed Merino Yarn

This 100% merino yarn (superwash) was hand dyed here for some natural kettle-dyed tonal variation. I have dyed it here at the store for 5 or 6 years now and change the palette up each time. Although this batch is more of a departure from my usual, more autumnal, colors! Must be the time of year. Anyway, it is a lovely yarn to knit with (for those of you familiar with Gems by Louet, this is it, but in my kettle dyed colors).

Each skein features 225 yards and knits at a 5.5 - 6 st/inch gauge.

The colors are saturated and some knitters have described them as almost "glowing" or "irredescent". I also hear they are "like Madeline Tosh" a lot, although I did not do any variagated ones and stuck with solids. But the solids are tonal for a rich fabric with suble variation in it.

I also dyed up a couple of "test" gradients for those who might like to play with them. The gradients feature 45 yds each of 7 colors (315 yds altogether) and are priced at $35.99 each. If you're interested in gradients, I have 1500 skeins arriving tomorrow (May 27th) of a lovely fingering merino and I'll be dyeing that up in MANY shades, colors, and gradients in June!

Price: $18.99 tonals

Price: $35.99 for the gradients (limited quantity)




kiwi, tangerine


spice, ochre, teal,chartreuse

turquoise, teal blue, teal green, forest


battleship gray, merlot, bodacious pink


cobalt, Fez Blue,

gradient #1


gradient #2

Gradients: Price $35.99