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The yarns below are either certified organic, naturally dyed, local to Vermont, or "breed specific"

If you're interested in Fair Trade Yarns, check this out here


eco baby

Bliss Eco-Baby Organic Cotton

6 sts/inch

lots of great colors

Bio-Sesia Organic Cotton

Swan Island Nature's Color

100% organic wool, naturally dyed


Imperial Ranch

100% wool from the Columbia Sheep



Rambouillet/Alpaca from Swan Island

Debbie Bliss BFL

100% wool from the Blue Faced Leceister sheep




100% Vermont Wool

from the Border Leceister Sheep

NFAC Icelandic

100% Vermont Wool from Icelandic Sheep

NFAC Shetland

100% Vermont wool from the Shetland Sheep


Vermont Coopworth

being dyed as we speak (3/24/15)