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Ciao Extrafine Merino by Jody Long

Second only to Ella Rae's Baby Cashermino, Ciao is the next most popular yarn choice for baby knits in the shop. And I only think the Baby Cash wins out because it has been on the market longer so there is more familiarity. For those customers who abide no synthetics in their yarn, Ciao is hands down the favorite for baby garments.

Recommended knit at 5.5 st/inch on a US 6, it is extrafine merino, machine washable, and has lots of pattern support. And there is enough plump in the ply that I have customers who like to knit it at 5/inch, as well.

Lots of great colors to choose from, as seen in the scarf here in the gallery.

Another popular yarn for babies and kids knits that is 100% cotton and also by Jody Long is CottonTails.

Price Per: $10.99

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