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Class Registration

Sat May 20th :  When you "check out" after choosing a class, the system defaults to adding the cost of Priority Mail shipping. But since you come here for class and we don't mean to collect shipping on Classes, just choose 'Store Pickup" instead of "Priority Mail" when you check out and you will not be charged shipping! I'll try to tweek the system so you don't have to click this extra button, but its Saturday night and I have company coming early tomorrow morning for 2 days of "play", so until Tuesday, just choose "store pickup" when registering for a class. Thank you for your patience while I work out these details.

Please keep in mind that registering for a class entails a commitment to us and we make "go/no-go" decisions based on the number of customers that have registered. Therefore we do not refund class registrations if, for any reason, you cannot make the class.

We will keep a wait list if extra customers express interest (can't guarantee there will be a list for every class or that any of them will be available once you decide you can't make it, but we'll keep names) so if a conflict arises for you, we will share that information with you so you have a better chance of finding a replacement for yourself.

And, of course, you are always welcome to send a friend or family member in your stead.

Like everything, the cost of local hotels has gone up (I'm told by several customers who travel here for classes) so I provide this link to an Airbnb that a felting customer here operates. It can sleep 4 - so if you are thinking about coming with friends, this could be a great way to minimize costs! You can find her Airbnb here. I'm sure there are others in the area, so don't forget to look into that option for accommodations!

If you need to refresh your memory about the class details you can link back to the Class description page here!

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