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Cumulus & Cumulus Rainbow by Juniper Moon

Most cottons at this gauge or bigger are too heavy and dense to wear comfortably because cotton is a short fiber (compared to wool, silk, alpaca, etc) and so using traditional spinning techniques has to be spun with a tight twist and densely. So it's been difficult to find a cotton to stock for the store that isn't in the sport or d.k. range


.Until Cumulus came out, that is. I did have a couple of cotton/acrylic blends for a while since the acrylic content allowed for a lighter yarn that could knit at a bigger gauge. But most of my customers prefer natural fibers, so I was happy when Cumulus was introduced.  And then when Cumulus Rainbow - the color grading version - arrived on the scene!

The construction on this yarn allows for a bigger gauge without the dense bulk that a traditionally spun cotton yarn results in.  And it is so incredibly soft and cozy.

Aptly named, Cumulus is 94% cotton with 6% nylon for strength and it is "light as a cloud! . The chainette construction traps air and yields a heavy worsted/aran gauge of 4-4.5 sts/inch on a US 7-9 needle. The first baby blanket shown here was actually knit on a US 10 and used 5 sks.  The second, smaller baby blanket shown used 1 skein each of the original solid color Cumulus and 1 of the Rainbow version (the pattern for this one is on Ravelry and is called Sliding is Fun). 


Each 100 gm skein features 251 yards

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Solid Colors Price Per: $21.99

Rainbow version price per: $24.99

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