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Sea Isle Cotton

This is a new yarn with a limited, but classic, neutral color range.  


 I chose it because it is both a great VALUE and a great YEAR ROUND yarn.  It is a blend of 50% organic pima cotton and 50% merino wool.  

The chainette construction gives you the ability knit it at a larger gauge of 4.25-4.5 s/inch on a US 7-8 needle without the finished garment being dense and heavy as a 100% cotton at this gauge would!  Instead, the knitted garment is rather light weight and really soft!

Each hank features 329 yards. It took 3 skeins to knit this simple top down 3/4 sleeve cardi by Knitting Pure & Simple. There is enough yarn left over that we could probably have knit full length sleeves on this 40" finished chest size, but since I chose this pattern because I like 3/4 sleeves, that's what we did.  And we knit it quite a bit longer than the pattern suggests because we didn't like the cropped nature of the original design.

For a 100% cotton that knits at 4-4.5 st/inch that also has a construction that prevents if from being too dense and heavy, check out Cottontails by Jody Long!

If you are interested in a cotton/wool blend but looking for a  lighter gauge, check out the Pima Rino.

Price: 16.99