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Nuno Felt Scarf Kit

These scarves have been a hit here this fall and every class we've offered for them has filled right up, so we decided to put some kits together with some clear instruction so those of you who don't live nearby can have fun with this project as well.

No previous felting experience is required. This method of felting involves raw wool (not yarn) and wet soapy water. You will need a 6-8 foot table to work on. The scarf may take 1-2 hours to lay out, depending on your speed and how involved a design you do. Then about an hour of felting (rolling, rubbing, throwing) is required.

The kit includes a 100% silk scarf blank (irridescent so it shimmers and shows several colors depending on the light), a couple colors of pre (or partial) felt (100% wool sheets that have been lightly felted so that you can cut out specific shapes if you like), and a hunk of hand-dyed merino-bombyx silk top to use for decoration/embellishment. Plus, of course, instructions for the how-to of laying out the scarf and felting it, as well as some design ideas. Oh, and a hunk of Marseille Olive Oil soap for the felting.....really nice on the hands and it won't pill your wool the way Ivory can.

You will need to provide the hot water and elbow grease! You'll also need some bubblewrap (8 ft long x 18-24" wide), plastic (the same size), towels, etc. If you want to purchase one of the wet felting rolling kits we use here (includes the size bubblewrap and plastic you need, plus ties, the inner tube, and a Sham-Wow towel), you can purchase that below as well...but it does not automatically come with the kit. These rolling kits can be used over and over again....unless you or someone in your family is fond of popping the bubbles!


Irridescent Rust Scarf with Burning Embers Merino-Silk Top and coordinating autumnal pre-felts

Irridescent Moss Scarf with midnight blue/black and celadon felbis and matching merino-silk top with just a hint of rust

Irridescent Berry scarf with "Irises" merino-silk top and coordinating berry pre-felts

Irridescent Tamarack silk scarf with matching merino-silk top and midnight blue/black and pumpkin pre-felts

(the only difference between this one and the Irridescent Olive above is the second color of pre-felts.....the Olive one is more analagous and conservative whereas this one has a strong pumpkin contrast for a bolder look).


Irridescent Peacock silk scarf with coordinating merino-silk top and blue/green pre-felts


Scarf Kit Price: $39.99



Wet Rolling Kit Price: $12.00