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Needle Felting Kits

We offer a range of both 3-D and Tapestry needle felting kits here. 

All kits include instructions, needle and fiber to complete the project.

Prices vary depending on the project. The tapestry kits finished product measures approx  13 x 13 in dimension. Those with larger areas and less detail are perfectly suitable for children.  Some customers hang them ; others wet felt them after working the design and then use the piece as a pillow or bag front. 


The difference between "original" and "updated" on the Tapestry kits here is that the "original" are less expensive because the pattern is not drawn onto the "canvas" for you - instead it is included on a separate piece of paper and you need to transfer it to the pre-felt "canvas" yourself. This is simple to do - just like when you were a kid, you can tape the paper with the pattern on a window and using a sharpie, hold the prefelt "canvas" up against it and trace it!  But if you'd rather not do that, the "updated" kits (which the designer is only offering going forward) have the design already put on the prefelt "canvas" with a sharpie for you.  As the "original" kits are gone, we are replacing those deisngs with  the "updated" versions. So there is a "window" here during which you essentially get a 30% discount on some of the kits!!

The 3-D / sculptural kits are labelled as "easy" or "intermediate". How many you can make from a kit somewhat depends on how big you make each one, but the sticker on the packaging indicates what the designer thinks is feasible.


If you are just looking for fiber and want to "do your own thing", check this page out for a fabulous selection of wools that are great for needle felting.

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