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As we have new class photos, fun new show and tell ourselves, or special projects our customers bring in to share, we'll post them here!

Jody's Show & Tell

Feb 21st

Jody brought by this gorgeous scarf that she knit using Rowan's Felted Tweed.  The pattern is available on Ravelry (I think it's called Amelie?). What a fun way to play with colors and practice stranded knitting if you are new to it! 

Thanks for sharing, Jody!

"play days"....

Feb 21st

Friends came over for a couple of "Play days" this past weekend. W wanted to explore gelli printing, which my friend Lynn had first introduced us to a few years back and another friend, Deb, picked up again recently. Usually done using acrylics on paper (some samples of this in the gallery here), but we also wanted to explore using the gelli printing technique using natural dyes and tannins for the color and doing it on fabric instead of paper! Since this was all experimental, we used old pieces of cotton muslin that had been used as "blankets" in eco they had some underlying images of plants but were incidental to the fabric we were actually eco=printing at the time! The first photo in the gallery shows 8 "vignettes" that Chris did using old eco prints that she also itagime shibori'd to create an indigo grid which was really effective..  The other pieces are old scraps of eco blanket I had laying around that I used both tannins and acrylics to gelli print on .  I think this has lots of potential now that we worked out the thickness of the tannin or natural dye paste to make and a few ideas of what to and NOT to do! Chris is going to stitch her piece next week while on stay tuned! 

Another sneak peek....

Feb 14th

I won't be revealing all the Peach Fuzz challenges here even tho' I have for two weeks in a row now, but since I got a sneak peek at another one yesterday I thought I'd share it in case any of you that are participating need a bit of "you-got-this" to keep going! 

 It will be most interesting to see all the combinations of Peach Fuzz represented, in person, on Sat Mar 16th at 1 mark your calendars and join us for the Reveal!  

This challenge is migrating brioche cowl/headband so each side is different.