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We try to offer a range of activities here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics! There isn't much posted for the spring because of personal vacation time in May and June, but things get hopping in July! And if, when I get back from the Shibori Festival in Arimatsu Japan in mid June, I have the time & energy, I'll post some fun event for the last half of June.

Some of what you see in the calendar below are free events and others are workshops that require payment.

You can follow this link to read more details about any of the Workshops/Classes

And to read more about the Free Events, just scroll down below the calendar!

Ultimate Sock-Magenta

Ultimate Sock Trunk Show

Sat Jan 14th 10 - noon



To kick off the Malabrigo Ultimate Sock Trunk Show (which will be here on display the entire week Jan 15th - 21st), I decided to host a little event on the first Saturday to offer customers some special tips on sock knitting.


So come on by. PIck up a skein of Ultimate Sock and I'll have out all my different heel and toe shaping examples so you can see how differently these choices knit up-even try the on over your sock to experience the differences!  Most knitters use the same standard sock pattern, but all our feet are different and different types of toe and heel shaping's are suited to different feet! Pointy toes? High arch? Narrow heel? Wide toe bed? All these require a different heel or toe shaping for best fit.


And once you figure out which heel and toe are best for you, I'll give you a free copy of my directions for the best heel or toe shaping for your foot, so you can incorporate them into your standard pattern! 

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