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We try to offer a range of activities here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics! There isn't much posted for the spring because of personal vacation time in May and June, but things get hopping in July! And if, when I get back from the Shibori Festival in Arimatsu Japan in mid June, I have the time & energy, I'll post some fun event for the last half of June.

Some of what you see in the calendar below are free events and others are workshops that require payment.

You can follow this link to read more details about any of the Workshops/Classes

And to read more about the Free Events, just scroll down below the calendar!

Pantone Peach Fuzz Challenge -
The Big Reveal...

Sat Mar 16th 1-2 P.M

Pantone's color of 2024 is "peach fuzz". Ugh! was my initial reaction to that news!

When given lemons, make lemonade.

So I've decided to make a store Event out of this decision and host a Peach Fuzz Challenge.  

The Challenge is already underway (you can scroll down to read more about it if you like, or go to this page to see results from past challenges I've hosted here), but everyone/anyone is invited to join us on Sat Mar 16th at 1 p.m. for the Reveal....which is when we all gather together with our finished projects to see the many different ways Peach Fuzz can work into a project! Mark your calendar and join us if you can!

Here's how it worked....


For years I held Fiber Challenges here  as a fun way for customers to break outside of their comfort zone and push their creative juices to new heights while having some fun!  I'd give every participant the exact same set of yarns and fibers - usually in a color palette most knitters would choose!


Then the rules were they had to incorporate everything I gave them but  they could add 1 "thing" to their materials if they felt they needed something else to help bring it all together. The "thing" could be one other yarn or fiber, could be metal, wood, buttons, beads, etc. And when we gathered together three months later it was always AMAZING to see what everyone did and how the exact same set of challenging yarns/fibers could be made into something magical with some creativity!

If you want to get an idea of the past Challenges, I've uploaded a few pics from two of them that were easy to find on this page.  (I have so many jump drives with photos from over 24 years in business!).

This Peach Fuzz Challenge will be a bit different.  Instead of everyone having exactly the same set of yarns, each participant will be given the same yarn (Elemental Shetland) and same amount (4 sks) but in slightly different colors (seed the gallery photos above for an idea of a few of them).  Each set of colors will include Peach Fuzz as one of the colors.  The sets of colors are based on color theory groupings - so split complement, triad, both a square and rectangular tetrad and a couple of analagous ranges all based around the Pantone color of the year, "peach fuzz"!  

So what will you get out of participating?

  • 4 free skeins of yarn

  • a lot of understanding about color theory and how to use the color wheel in your fiber arts

  • some new tips for coming up with a design idea - Fibonacci sequence, mirroring, etc

  • the fun and challenge of a new project 

  • the possibility of discovering something new about yourself and your fiber arts passion

  • a community with shared experience of pushing your limits to see what comes of it! 

  • for your contribution to this event, I'll offer you a store discount on a purchase made the day of the Reveal Gathering!

So how does it work:

  • up to 10 customers can participate - so if you're interested, please call or email to register.

  • I will GIVE each customer 4 sks of Elemental Shetland - one of which is Peach Fuzz and the other skeins will be determined by the color wheel - so they will make a triad, a tetrad, a split-complement, or a series of homologous colors with the Peach Fuzz!  

  • every participant will have 3 months to crochet, knit, nalbind, or weave (your choice) the 4 skeins into "something" - you'll basically have enough for a hat, mittens, wristwarmers, fingerless mitts, or a single cowl so we're talking small accessory. Could be a small bag. headband, too.

  • you can stripe it (think about using Fibonacci series for your stripes!), slip stitch it, brioche it, mosaic knit it, weave it, fair isle it - your choice of technique and pattern!

  • all participants will reconvene on Sat Mar 16th for the Reveal Party so we can gather together to view all our color theory projects using peach fuzz as a group! We can review the color theory principles at work, discuss what we liked and or didn't like about the pattern and/or the color grouping, why we made the choices we did, what we might do differently, what we learned from the experience. 

  • everyone keeps the item they made at no cost (except the time they put into the challenge!)

PLEASE don't register if you can't come back for the Reveal in March or if you can't commit to finishing your small project by March 16th.

Even if you don't want to participate, you are welcome to join us for the Reveal on March 13th to see how "peach fuzz" works up in each of its' color groupings.

Winter Clearance Sale

Sat Mar 23rd 10 - 5

Help me make room for some new summer yarns!

Lots of beautiful yarns on clearance this coming Saturday so stop in for great deals on wools, alpacas, even some linens and cottons!

From Chunky (size 2) to Lace weight you'll find a range of yarns in quantities enough for good projects - not just a skein here and there of a color or lot!

So pull out your patterns or rfeview your Ravelry "favs" and plan ahead to know what gauge of yarn you're looking for and how much of it (yards) you need!

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