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We try to offer a range of activities here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics! There isn't much posted for the spring because of personal vacation time in May and June, but things get hopping in July! And if, when I get back from the Shibori Festival in Arimatsu Japan in mid June, I have the time & energy, I'll post some fun event for the last half of June.

Some of what you see in the calendar below are free events and others are workshops that require payment.

You can follow this link to read more details about any of the Workshops/Classes

And to read more about the Free Events, just scroll down below the calendar!


Great Northern Yarn Haul

July 7th - July 30th

More than 20 Local Yarn Stores and farms throughout northern New England  participate in this event each year.  

I'll post more details here as we get closer to the date and everything is finalized. But for now, mark your calendars and plan a roadtrip with your knitting buddies!  You don't have to visit every participating location (although those who do are eligible for a super grand drawing prize!). 

To make it extra special this year, get a group of your friends together for a road trip the first or second weekends in July and register for one of our Natural Dye Workshops.  


 We'll certainly plan some other specials or events to happen during this period, I just haven't figured out what yet! But check out the various classes planned, in case you're interested in learning something new, and then check back for any mini events we plan for the occasion. 

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