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Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate Knitting Clinic

Sat Feb 17th 10 - 3:30

Now that you know how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off ...and maybe one way to increase or decrease... you've probably branched into some more complicated patterns than you started with and may be confused by things in them that you don't understand.

At least that's what I hear from customers in the store all the time - they have a good grasp of basics but then can't sort thru a lot of the pertinent details they need to understand the patterns they want to venture into.

READ CLASS DESCRIPTION AND PRICE So in addition to reviewing gauge and sizing, which it seems always needs reaffirming, we'll also cover some of the tips and tricks that will take your knitting to the next level - how to avoid the nasty "jog" that happens when you change colors at the beginning of a round (even how to knit in the round if you haven't done that yet?), how best to weave in your ends and attach new yarns. Other options for increasing and decreasing and why you might choose one over another for different projects, alternative cast ons (including provisional) and bind offs that may be better suited to your next project. How to graft/seam neatly, pick up stitches like a professional, and understand some of the language that's new to you in patterns. From buttonholes to seaming, short row shaping - the whys and wherefores- the class can really go where you the participants need it to. Continental knitting? Stranded knitting? Reading from charts? You are welcome to bring any particular questions/confusions you may have in a project you're currently working on....or one you want to do. But that is not necessary. Bring a ball of yarn and needles appropriate for that gauge yarn to swatch/practice on. Instruction fee: $75

Wet Felted Slippers 

Sat Mar 2nd


This is an advanced beginner/intermediate class.

Who can't use a pair of slippers?!  Warm and durable, felt makes for a great pair of slippers. And slippers are a fun proje ct thru which to expand your skill set and explore design elements.

READ CLASS DESCRIPTION AND PRICE... more information In this class you'll advance your existing knowledge of felting to include felting to a specific size and shape which requires both the making of a pattern and the mathematics needed to calculate your shrinkage rate. This knowledge is important for hats, boots, slippers, dresses, coats or anything really for anything that you want to "fit" properly! You'll also have a chance to explore working with something other than "merino", which is what most new felters use. You'll work with a wool which is well suited to making durable slippers. I'll pull out my bag of odds and ends of goodies (i.e. silk fibers, pin drafted roving, pre-felts, yarns, etc) so you can play with color and design at the wet felt stage. Or, if you prefer, you can keep the slippers made in class simple and keep them a solid color without embellishments and then have fun stitching or needle felting a design on them at your leisure at home. Either way, you'll learn a lot and have a wonderful pair of slippers for yourself! A materials fee of $15 will be collected at the time of class. This includes all the fiber you'll use plus latex (for a non-slip bottom), and something to cover the soap and other consummable supplies used. Instruction fee: $125

Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Sat Mar 9th 10 - 5


I have seen so many gorgeous pet portraits come out of this class over the years! Cats and Dogs, both! Have yet to have anyone join us for a horse, guinea pig, parrot or ferret.....but maybe this session?

Sometimes we need a "pick-me-up" in March....the snow is gone (or we REALLY wish it was!) and the skies are still grey and cold so its too early to be in the garden. So why not join us and paint a portrait of your best buddy in wool!!

READ CLASS DESCRIPTION AND PRICE Neysa will guide you thru all the steps to capture all the nuances of your best buddy using wool fiber to needle felt their portrait. From their unique expression to the glint in their eye, Neysa's expertise in both portraiture and needle felting will lead you to create the most amazing momento you'll have (aside from memories) of your best buddy (or that of a family member or friend you want to gift this too?) A materials fee of $45 will be collected by the instructor the day of class. This includes all the materials, needles and base to needle on, as well as the color and enlarged photo she has to make from your pdf file in order for her to block out your pets face before class. Instruction fee: $100