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 Wet Felting 101

Tuesday July 25th 5:30 - 8:30

Learn the fundamentals of traditional wet felting while making either a colorful flower or a knitting acessory pouch! This is a great class for kids, too!


Felting a flower as an introductory project gives you the opportunity to learn various techniques for laying out fiber to create different shapes such as stamens, petals, leaves and even a wired stem.  It also allows you the opportunity to learn about using "resists", which are fundamental to more intermediate projects you might be interested in such as felted hats, slippers, bags, coats, dresses, etc.  And it's fun to play with color and be fanciful in your design!

The knitting accessory pouch is really useful and also teaches you about using a resist and laying out fiber. And you also can have fun  with a design option,  but those who choose this project won't get experience with the additional shaping techniques such as for wired stems, pistils, etc. 

Your choice!

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Nuno Felt Intro: Scarf or Cowl

Saturday August 12th 9 - 5

If you've ever wanted to learn the nuno felting technique for making lovely dresses, skirts, tunics, cowls or even coats or other wearables that are lightweight and unique, join me for this class to learn all the basics in a smaller project that we can do in a day!

Choose to make either a cowl or a scarf. The first 4 or 5 nuno scarf or cowl models you see in the gallery here you'll recognize from seeing in the store as they are samples I've done up in the past for store models, but a couple of pics at the end here also show what students in one of the previous intro classes here made.

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