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Sashiko Primer: Project Bag, Trivet or Mug Rugs.

Sat October 21st 10 - 5

The Japanese decorative stitching known as Sashiko is, at it's heart, really a basic running stitch. But to chart out your own design and establish a rhythm to ensure even stitches of the right profile for the most pleasing visual results, requires some techniques that we'll cover in this workshop.

From choosing a fabric base to the correct thread, needle and thimble for the job, we'll cover all the basics of the technique and get you started on the project of your choice that will be as beautiful as useful.

Check back for more photos-I misplaced that jump drive!

READ CLASS DESCRIPTION AND PRICE We'll learn the sashiko stitch on a dark blue 100% cotton fabric for ease of seeing and to really showcase your sashiko design! You'll choose your thread colors (2 packets included in class fee so you can work a 2 color design if desired). I'll guide you thru every step from planning your project (trivet, mug rugs or project bag?) to charting out up to 2 different patterns on your fabric. We'll cover the technique of stitching sashiko - how to start and stop without knots, how to establish a rhythm for consistent stitch size, use of a sashiko thimble, what direction to work in, what the stitch profile above and below the fabric should be, etc. You won't finish your stitching in class, but once you've finished the stitching at home, you can then sew your piece into the project bag, trivet or set of 2 mug rugs.....or incorporate it into a sewing project of your choice! Instruction fee includes fabric, 1 needle and 2 colors of threads: $125 Participants need to bring a ruler and a white chalk pen (available at Joannes) to class

Sat Nov 4th 10 - 5

Felt is the most amazing process- you take this simple renewable fleece from the sheep each year and can create home furnishings and clothing with just a little soapy water and old fashion elbow grease!


It is the oldest textile, dating back some 5000+ years!  In it's traditional form, felt is great for saddle blankets, boots, slippers, hats, bags, pillows, rugs and yurts! A more modern variation on the theme, nuno felting, is wonderful for find wearables with drape, such as dresses, tunics, skirts, scarves and shawls!

Photos coming Tues 9/26

Traditions in Feltmaking

Join me for a full day exploring both traditional and nuno techniques of making felt as we craft a little sweet and handy drawstring bag. Instruction fee includes all materials: $125

Silk Paper Making

Sat Nov 11th 10 - 5

Learn to make gorgeous, lustrous and colorful paper using 100% silk fibers. Great for gift cards, note cards, book arts, to stitch into, to work into art quilts, etc! 

You can even weave it into baskets, use it to bind notebooks, make lampshades, etc - all as shown in photo gallery .

And you can work it into felt, as well!

READ CLASS DESCRIPTION AND PRICE Spend a fun day designing colorful paper of different weights and styles to use in mixed media, quilts, and book arts. Even felt! You'll learn to make several qualities of silk paper suited to note cards, book binding, lampshades, to stitch into and to weave baskets with. And you'll have an opportunity to work with lots of dyed colors of silk as well as the lovely range of natural white, red, chocolate and tan colors of both the wild and cultivated types of silk! You'll also learn to make paper from various forms of silk, including top, sliver, and mawatta. This class never disappoints and is a fun way to spend a day during an overcast, transitional month like November!! Instruction fee includes all the silk and mediums for many pieces of paper, plus all the embellishments: $125