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New This Week

Each week I will post here a quick review of what is new at the shop so you can get a quick update of new inventory, models, project ideas, events or classes scheduled, with links from each if you'd like to explore them in more detail.

LYS Appreciation Day

This annual "LYS Day" was initiated many years ago , by whom I do not know, but I understand that the intent was to identify a day each year to encourage knitters and crocheters to show support for Local Yarn Stores in the wake of growing online competition.

And I do have (and really appreciate) customers who come each year to make a point of buying something to show us support.

But I also like to use the day to offer some specials to my customers to show appreciation in the other direction, too! So come on by Saturday and I'll have some lovely free patterns to offer in support of certain yarns you may purchase. I also have a few promotions I'll be running on both Friday and Saturday. And I'll be sure to add fresh merch to the Clearance Bin! So come on by and check out the lovely new summer yarns and colors that have arrived!  

Plus....this is the time of year to wash those winter sweaters! And we just got a fresh shipment of Eucalan in this week - unscented, grapefruit and jasmin!

Baby Cashmerino...

New colors of the popular machine washable Baby Cashmerino by Ella Rae arrived last week - festive, jolly, bright colors add to the already 25+ colors to choose from for your next baby knit! 

And I just wanted to remind you to check out the new organic cotton from Mirasol yarn, as well. It's beautiful!

I was looking today for a pattern to knit up the new Mirasol Pima Paka yarn for a store model. While I originally planned to knit a lady's tee for the summer to show off how lovely this yarn is, I thought a quicker result would come from knititng a kids top and this pattern for babies/kids on Ravelry caught my eye - Ravelry:.  It's called the whirligig tee and ts the perfect gauge for this new, organic cotton yarn by Mirasol.....maybe you have a grand child in mind that would like this too?

Summer Classes.....

Now that the eclipse is behind us and the last of the snowy, wintery weather is in the rear view mirror, it's time to think ahead to the summer classes.

I'll be setting up the dye tents in a couple of weeks and pulling out the 10 burners, shibori tools, botanical printing equipment and refreshing the two 32 gallon indigo vats to get us ready for the wonderful natural dye, botanical printing, and shibori and silk paper making classes this summer. 

Thought I'd highlight natural dyeing here because I feel like natural dyeing suffers a bit from some bad press-namely, that they fade and they are dull and don't give you the full range of colors to work with creatively.

There are some colors that aren't as light sensitive as others ('tho logwood is one of them and the purple scarf you see pictured here is over 7 years old and the photo this morning looks pretty much like it did 7 years ago and its been hanging in the shop all this time!).  And poor technique can lead to the color fading issue. But if you take a look at a few of the applique quilt squares I've been stitching this past winter (five of them shown here0 take note that ALL of these colors are from natural dyes - both the wool pieces AND the silk threads that I'm stitching with - and they were all dyed in classes here 2 and 3 years ago! They have been exposed to light all this time-often even direct southern exposure sunlight because the table where I've kept them all winter as I stitch away on them, is right beneath a southern window! I think they display the range of colors well and are a testament that if you do it properly, naturally dyed colors can be stable.

The fabric I used in the bags and in the shawls was botanically printed at least 6 years ago ...maybe 8?...and hanging in the shop by the front windows all these years! And that shibori pillow has to be at least 10 years old!

So if you suffered from any of these notions about natural dyeing, hopefully these photos may inspire you to join us for a class this summer. Whether you want to dye yarn for a weaving, knitting or crochet project, threads to stitch with, fabric to quilt or sew with or paper to use in book crafts or simply to make some lovely notecards with....there is a class for you!