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New This Week

Each week I will post here a quick review of what is new at the shop so you can get a quick update of new inventory, models, project ideas, events or classes scheduled, with links from each if you'd like to explore them in more detail.

Needle Sizers from Lykke

May 24th

Every knitter needs a couple of these - one for their current project bag and another to reside with their needles!  So why not upgrade from the ugly metal and pick up one of these beautiful wooden gems from Lykke!

Choose Rosewood or Mango wood. Both metric and US sizing plus a great gauge swatch reader AND a great tool for reading your wpi if you're a weaver or spinner too! Available at the shop

Cumulus - New colors for spring!

April 1, 2023

Several new solid colors of the lovely and cloudy soft cotton called Cumulus by Juniper Moon arrived bringing the choice of 17 colors in a wide range from soft baby pastels to jewel tones!  New colors of the long repeat Cumulus Rainbow also arrived!   Both are wonderful choices for baby blankets and knits. Just a hint of nylon provides a binder for this 96% cotton and allows for the yarn to be lightweight and airy but knit at a 4-4.5 st/inch gauge!

Introducing - Matitia

This new yarn for the spring is a 60%/40% combo of hemp and cotton. With just a touch of viscose to give a hint of sheen.  Perfect for a summer shawl or cowl or summer top! Check the details out under Matita