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This Juniper Moon farms is new for 2020. And a perfect antidote to the stress and uncertainty of the covid-era we live in!

The cozy and soft 54% extrafine merino, 30% angora bunny, and 16% nylon binder (to keep the angora from little fuzzy "fly-a-ways", is exactly what we need to use for a comfort garment this fall.

3-3.5 sts/inch on US 9-11, we knit up a gauge swatch using US 10.5s and loved it. Pre-blocking the gauge was 4 sts/inch and post blocking it was 3.25 sts/inch. I subjected the swatch to 100 vigorous rubs to see how it would hold up before I let them ship it to me. No pills and no flyaways, so they shipped last week and we have it in stock today (8/23/20)!

This is a "blown-in" yarn, which means it is constructed in a way to make for a light weight and insulating fabric that is not dense and bulky. You can get a sense of that if you compare the fact that these 50 gm balls have 109 yards in them at this big a gauge (compare to Mecha that knits at this same gauge but the skein which weighs twice as much has only 30% more yardage (100 gms has 130 yds).

Featuring 109 yards and a cozy soft hand.

There is a lovely poncho pattern, a great baby blanket, and a hat/scarf kit, which the soft pink color is perfect for if you want to do something for October's "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.


Price: $19.99/sk


claret, lapis, pine

rose, ivory, sepia (I know, it's not what I think of as sepia, either!)

marble (light grey, not shown), slate, onyx