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Cheshire Cat

This 100% merino yarn is hand-dyed and features 512 yards per skein.. It is recommended at 7.5-8 sts/inch on US 1-3, but for shawls most people are knitting it on larger needle ( I have it on US 5 right now for the store model) Machine wash cold water is recommended.

I've actually had this yarn in the store for several months and just got a fresh shipment and that is when I discovered that I'd never loaded the first range of colors to the website! So here are the colors that just came in. Check back next week for photos of the originals ones!

Please note that I don't use the hand-dyers names below - they are way too long and confusing. Fun and whimsical, but a pain in the neck as far as putting them on the website - so I went with obvious names!

Note that the yarn pictured far right in the first photo is the Pantone color of the year! Ultarviolet!

The hand-dyers have all sorts of cute names for these - but so cute that even they get confused about what clever name goes with what! So I'm using either the color numbers or names that make sense to me since they are more descriptive, even if less cute!

Price: $25.99/sk.



green, kiwi, turquoise, pink, ultraviolet

107, 103

these do not have splashes/ speckles like the ones pictured left


127, 118, 125

also known as Nov., Feb., and Sept!


112, 101, 109, 119